Detroit Revenues Keep Falling Even in 2015

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Detroit casinos down over 1.5% for this quarter.

The casinos throughout Detroit keep falling throughout the new year. This is a big surprise for many of the officials that felt that the casinos were the answer. However, it does not seem to be that way. It seems as if the revenues might not come back up with the new year. This can change with time, and it can be something that has to be considered coming into the new year and with more people than ever looking into playing at the casinos.

The officials of Detroit are not too happy about the outcome, and they are not going to breathe down the necks of those looking to gambling either. They want more people to come in for the action, and they are ramping up their efforts when it comes to marketing but this is something that just takes time.

This shouldn’t come as such a big surprise since most of the casinos throughout the country are on a steady decline as the months pass. They find that many of the people that used to play within the walls are having troubling times and finding it hard to get back out there and put their money on the tables because it has to be spent on other things.

As for the rest of the world, including New York that is looking to have these casinos put up, we will never know what is out there and what you might be able to get when the time comes. You should feel good about being able to put the revenue up for the state, but at the same time, if they have a lot of declining numbers then this does not look good for the state or the casino either.

We will continue to look into the numbers as 2015 makes it way into our lives. You never know, the new year might bring better numbers throughout the coming months and these casinos might be able to turn the tables around. What do you think this is going to look like for the upcoming year? Do you feel that there is hope behind all that is going on?