Cirsa Gaming Announce Increased Income And Profits For 2012

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

When you think of online gaming companies and online casinos there are many names that spring to mind. If you were to ask people for their top ten online casinos many would come up with the same names, but few would probably say Cirsa Gaming. Despite not being so widely recognised as others Cirsa are more than holding their own in the cut throat world of online gaming because today they have announced a 4% increase on last years income.

Cirsa Gaming Corporation were formed in 1978 when they were originally called International Recreation Company SA, before changing their name in 1983 to Cirsa. They are now the leading online gaming company in Spain and in 2012 they increased there income by 4% to a massive €1.8 billion, figures that were released today.

Joaquim Agut is the General Director for Cirsa Gaming and he had the following to say about the figures released today. He said, “Once again the consistent implementation of our strategy, the capacity of our management and the involvement of all staff of the company to achieve the established targets even in the current economic environment has brought a significant improvement in results over the previous year.”

Those figures do show a significant improvement on last years numbers, and many other companies would be only too glad to see their numbers match those of Cirsa. The figures released today also showed that Cirsa increased their yearly profit by a huge 11% to €322 million compared to the previous year. If Cirsa continue their current growth they will soon be recognised as one of the leading online gaming companies in the world, let alone Spain where they initially made their name.