Focuses on Capturing Asian Expats

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News is preparing a strategy that focuses on capturing the gaming revenue’s “missing millions” from Asian expats. The action is being powered by Bodog Asia, which handles the the UK offerings of the company

Robert Gustafsson, Bodog Asia’s Managing Director, further discussed about the missing millions in a press release on He stated, “There are estimated to be at least 100,000,000 Chinese living outside China and if you then include Thai, Malay and Vietnamese expats you have more than just a niche market but one that has been ignored by other operators despite being far and away the largest consumer group of casino games on the planet.”

The new Asian-oriented site will give priority to table games over sports betting unlike the usual gambling sites in the UK.

In Asian gaming markets these games, especially baccarat, are responsible for 80% of gaming revenues. So while live dealer baccarat will be available on the site, traditional poker offerings will not.

None of this, however, means that Bodog is abandoning those very reliable UK sports punters, as Gustafsson explains, “ can offer a totally different product to a totally different audience and while we will still offer sports betting the all-important casino customer will be our main source of revenue.”