Asian Players Can Now Deposit Their Own Currencies Into Their Online Casino Accounts

Asian Players Can Now Deposit Their Own Currencies Into Their Online Casino Accounts

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May 13, 2013

Over the years online casinos have been quick to move with the times introducing hosts of new games that their customers want to play, but when it comes to how their customers can pay money into their accounts they have not been so quick on the up take. Until now that is.

The Asian gambling market is growing at a very quick rate and Asian customers are now able to deposit money into their casino accounts using their own local currencies, rather than the more traditional US Dollars like in previous years. Over the years major credit cards have always been accepted, as have debit cards and other popular payment methods like Moneybookers for example, but these options would only allow customers to deposit money into their account in US Dollars, British Pounds and in more recent years Euros. Also other currencies could be used as long as they were not Asian ones.

Online casinos now offer their Asian customers various different ways to deposit money into their online gaming accounts. Asiapay88 for instance is proving to be a popular choice of many Asian customers as it is now available at a number of different online casinos. Customers can deposit money into their account using Malaysian Ringgits for example, as well as other currencies like the Vietnamese Dong, Indonesian Ruppiah and the Chinese Renminbi.

Players in Thailand have recently been introduced to Asiapay88 as well as two other payment methods, with those being EcashAsia and PayBay which allows them to pay money into their online casino accounts using their own Thai Baht.

It is good to see online casinos catering for as many players as possible, especially the Asian market, as there are literally millions and millions of people in a number of countries who play at online casinos on a regular basis. By providing this particular service to the Asian people those numbers are likely to grow even more now they can use they own currencies to play their favourite casino games.



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