What are the Worst Online Slot Games you can Play?

What are the Worst Online Slot Games you can Play?

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January 29, 2014

Worst Online Slot Games to Play

Some slot players are often amazed if not a little disappointed when they find that one or more of their own personal favourite online slot games turn out to be listed as a poor paying slot game or one that savvy slot players always avoid playing.

However, much like any other casino games, and with the number and  type of available online slot machines being so large, that does mean that there are both good and bad slot games available online, and you really do need to be aware of which ones you should avoid playing!

In this article we are going to highlight what makes a slot game worth playing and we will also list several features of some slot machines which make them games players should avoid playing, for when it comes to playing online slots in particular you will only want to be playing those games offering you the best chances of winning!

A Word of Caution about Multi Spin Slots

You will find quite a number of slot games which have been designed to give you the ability of playing a multiple number of the same type of slots all on one screen. Both Microgaming and Playtech have these kinds of slots available so you will almost certainly come across them when playing online.

There are some good aspects of these kinds of slots, and it is probably the fact that they boast higher than average payout percentages that attracts a lot of players to give them a whirl. However, as you are playing several slots all in the same game this can result in you losing your bankroll much quicker than when you play those games individually, and this can often cancel out the higher playing value based on their increased payout percentages.

If you do enjoy playing these multi spin slots then only give them a small amount of play time, and should you win in the first few spins make sure you lock in those winnings by stopping playing once you casino account balance has become increased, for as sure as night follows day you will find your bankroll diminishing should you continue to play them for long periods of time!

Avoid Playing Bonus Slots with Accumulating Bonus Games

You are going to find some bonus video slots available on all of the leading casino software platforms that will see you accumulating different types of bonus games when you are playing them, some for example will let you to earn a large number of free spins as you play them and some unlock different bonus game rounds when you trigger their respective bonus games more and more during you playing sessions.

Many players will find that they can spend a large amount of cash playing these slots and when those bonus games which they have been accumulating or unlocking finally trigger they may end up paying poorly.

It is therefore advisable for you to concentrate your slot playing efforts on slot games which award their bonus game features and bonus rounds at regular intervals as you are just as likely to win some sizable amounts of cash when playing these types of slots as you would when playing those other types of slot games which unlock additional bonus games or on which you accumulate more free spins as you play the base games!

Progressive Slots Which Have Recently Paid Out

It is very rare that a progressive slot machine is going to payout its progressive jackpot not long after it last paid out its jackpot, and as such this is going to be something that you will need to keep in mind when you next log into an online casino and choose to play any progressive slot game.

You are going to have the best chances of actually spinning in the progressive jackpot paying combination when a jackpot is overdue, and as such you need to find out just how regularly a progressive slot pays out its top prize jackpot and also discover what the average amount of each jackpot won is.

Once you know the average progressive jackpot paid out on each slot offering such a jackpot then you are able to use that information and only start to play these kinds of slots when the jackpot has grown in value and is above its average payout amount!

Probably the best type of progressive slots you can play are those which offer multiple progressive jackpots, and those which are awarded at random, for when playing these types of slot games you have more chances of winning the jackpots on offer with there being several of them up for grabs!

Learn to Play Fruit Machines

One final word of warning if you wish to play slot machines online is to always give them some play time for free before playing them for real money and this is very true of the many different online fruit machine games you will come across online.

The reason why you should master the art of playing fruit machines for free before playing them for real is that they often come with lots of hidden features and skill based bonus round features, and you will only become aware of them when you have played these types of slots regularly, so always play fruit machines for free so as to master the unique way they work, play and operate!


When playing slot games online you should look at every single slot spinning session you play as entertainment and not become obsessed with having a winning session, as slot games found online are random and there is never any telling when you will have a winning session.

The best way to play any online slots is to play them for stake levels which you can afford and try and track down only those slots offering the highest payout percentages, have a good look around our website for all of the facts and figures you require about all online slot games will be found within it!



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