Which Progressive Games Payout More?

Which Progressive Games Payout More?

Staff Writer
August 4, 2016

mega-moolah-5-reel-drive-slotIf it is the progressive slot games you always track down and play when logged into any online casino site then you will already have your own personal favourite slot games that you do tend to give the most play time to.

However, if you are fairly new to the online gaming environment and have not yet played a very wide and diverse range of slot games then you may be interested in finding out which are the progressive jackpot awarding slots that tend to payout the most.

If so then please do spend a few more minutes reading through this guide for below you are going to find several slot games that do not offer just one single progressive jackpot but a range of slots that offer more than one jackpot to players.

Due to the simple fact that you are going to have the chance of winning more than one progressive jackpot playing any of the following slot games that does of course mean that you are going to have a much greater chance of winning when playing them over your long term play, so read on and then set aside some time to play these higher paying progressive slots online!

Mega Moolah Series of Slot Games

There are plenty of jackpots up for grab on the Mega Moolah series of slots for you could win the base game jackpot which is huge one each of those slots or you could trigger the bonus game which awards even high valued jackpots too.

However, as the end of any spin you have paid for when playing any of those slots as opposed to playing off for example a bonus game free spin, you could trigger the randomly award bonus game known quite aptly as the Mega Moolah bonus feature.

When that bonus game is awarded to you then you will have to spin the bonus wheel, and by doing so you are guaranteed to spin in a segment on the bonus wheel that will award you with one of the progressive jackpots of which there are four different sized ones on each of these slots.

The two smaller jackpots are awarded every few minutes on this slot, however the other two jackpots are huge in value but they could be won at any moment by a player, so this is certainly a series of slots to play if you do want an increased chance of winning a progressive jackpot online!

Marvel Jackpot Progressive Slot Machines

You will also find that Playtech software is on offer at lots of casino sites and when you log into one of those casinos gaming platforms you are going to find an enormous range of progressive jackpot paying slots which do tend to award their jackpots to players very frequently!

Each of those Playtech software powered casinos both online and mobile casinos will have a range of Marvel Jackpot slot on offer and those slots can be played for any stake level you like including you having the option of playing any of them as penny slots.

When you do play Marvel Jackpots slot for any stake amount as the end of any paid for spin you play off you may be awarded with the jackpot bonus game, that is a randomly awarded feature round so no bonus symbols or scatter symbols need to be pun in to be awarded with them.

Once triggered you have to them play off a pick and match bonus game that will only end when you match three progressive jackpot logo symbols, and whichever three matching symbols you reveal will then award the corresponding progressive jackpot!


You may be also be wondering when is going to be the best time to play a progressive slot game to have a more increased chance of winning the jackpot, well always remember that being random gaming machines you will always have a chance of winning the jackpot by playing them in the way in which the progressive jackpot is in live play.

However, with there being quite a number of new slots available on which you will find the jackpot is capped at a certain amount and is guaranteed to be hit when it reaches that amount then always be on the lookout for such slots.

Try and stick to playing those progressive slots offering such a playing structure when their respective jackpots are close to their guaranteed hit amount value, as you will then have an obvious and much increased chance of winning those jackpots if you play them at such a time.

However, as is often the case that a progressive jackpot can be won at any time, even if it has recently been won by another player, so you can win one at any time, usually when you least expect to win them!



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