Which Live Casino Games have Very Low House Edges?

Which Live Casino Games have Very Low House Edges?

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June 29, 2017

There is not much difference between software driven casino games and live casino games, other than the fact when you are player the former it is a random number generator that determines just which cards are going to be dealt out of the pack.

However, due to the fact that players are playing against real dealers and can both see the cards in play and also place their bets and wagers remotely from home when they opt to play the live casino games, many players much prefer playing them, as they get a much more lifelike playing format when doing so.

In fact, playing live casino games also enables players to interact with the Dealers, Croupiers and other players sat around each table, so it is a much more social type of online playing experience, and one that many players do warm to and return to time and time again.

But if you are a savvy player and want to have the best winning opportunities and much longer playing session, then you will of course be interested in knowing just which live casino games boast the very lowest house edges, and therefore are the games you should be tracking down and playing, and the following guide will enlighten you on which games those are!

Playing Live Blackjack

Make sure when you log into a live casino site you first take a good look through the actual Blackjack game variants on offer, for many of different variants will be on offer to you and each of them will offer a different set of playing rules.

It is the playing rules of course that will ultimately determine the house edge of the game you select to play, and only ever choose to play the games that when played optimally will return the very lowest house edge.

You will also find that there will be lots of different table stake limits in play on live Blackjack games, some games will be best suited to very low rollers whilst there will of course be some games that offer very high stable limits and as such they will be the ones to select when you wish to play for higher than average stake limits.

Get yourself a Blackjack strategy card is one of the best live Blackjack playing tips we can pass onto you if you have never played live or for that matter any type of Blackjack games before, as by doing so those cards will show you how to play off each hand perfectly, so you will be guaranteed of then getting the lowest possible house edge as you play!

Playing Live Roulette Games Online

You should be looking for two variants of live Roulette if that is the table game you wish to play at live casino sites, and the two variants to keep your eyes peeled for are the French Roulette game and the European Roulette game.

Those two variants come with a much lower house edge than the American Roulette game as there is just one zero on each of the wheels, so always avoid playing any Roulette game that does have two zeros of your money will get eaten up much quicker when playing that game!

The French Roulette live casino game is an ideal one to play if you only place even money paying bets on the betting layout, for whenever a zero is spun in your losing bets will stay on the betting layout for the very next spin or until a zero is not spun in or you will be given have of those losing bets back!

If you place any other type of bets when playing Roulette then the European Roulette game offers a low house edge of just 2.70% on all of those other betting positions, for reference the house edge on he even money paying bets and wagers available on the French Roulette tame is 1.35%!


As you are not going to be able to play live roulette or live blackjack games or in fact any type of live casino games for free then always ensure you know how to play the game you are playing before you set about playing them for real money.

What you will find very handy is that all live casinos sites will offer players a set of help files that will explain in full detail how to play each live casino game available at each casino, so always read them through so you will then be aware of how to play any game you do like the look of and fancy playing.

The bonuses and promotional offers that do tend to be available to players playing live casino games often come with a much higher play through requirement, due solely to the fact most of those games come with very low house edges.

You will be earning comp points though at most casino sites when you do set about playing the live casino games for real money so there will be plenty of additional ways that you can lock in even more playing value if and when you do decide to give those great playing games some play time online!



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