Which Casino Games Are Famed for Paying Out More In Winnings?

Which Casino Games Are Famed for Paying Out More In Winnings?

Staff Writer
July 10, 2017

What every single casino game player is going to want to know is just which casino games are going to pay out more to them when they are playing them, for by knowing which games do payout more a player will always have the chance of winning or even winning big!

However, you only need to log into any online or mobile casino site to discover there will be literally hundreds of different types of casino games on offer to you, and as such trying to make sense of each game and knowing just how good a chance you will have of winning when playing any of them can be a time consuming task.

To help make your life a little easier in regards to just which casino game you should be playing at any online or mobile casino site to give you  much greater chance of winning and winning more often, please read through the following guide that we have compiled for you.

Below you will find details of the two main category of casino games that are famed for being the better paying games and the one you should therefore always be tracking down to play!

Low House Edge Blackjack Games

You are going to be very hard pressed to find any casino card games that have as low a house edge a you will find being offered to you on Blackjack games, and with that in mind if you are ever in a casino card playing frame of mind then make sure the game you do end up playing are Blackjack games.

The house edges on most if not all Blackjack game variants are way, way lower than on any other casino card game and therein lays your chance of having lots of winning sessions, but only if you ensure you do two things when playing blackjack games in a real money playing environment.

The very first thing that you should always ensure you are doing is playing each hand optimally using the very best playing strategy, and also you should only ever play the Blackjack game variants which have been designed to return the very lowest house edge when they are being played optimally too, so always keep that in mind when you are about to play Blackjack!

Video Poker games With High RTP’s

If there is just one category of gaming machine we would urge you to learn to play online or even on your mobile device, it is the video poker games of which you will find a huge number of them at any of our featured and fully approved casino sites.

One of the advantages of playing video poker games is that they tend to return to players some much higher payout percentages than slot machines, and as such over your long term play you are going to get far more winning payouts when playing almost all video poker games than you ever would when playing slot machines.

Be aware though that video poker is a game on which you are going to have to make a decision when playing off every single hand that has been dealt out to you, that will ultimately affect your overall winning chances.

That decision is just which cards to hold from your initial hand to have in play on the second stage of the game, however if you turn on the auto hold option settings the video poker game you are playing with then automatically always hold the very best cards for you!


You should always remember that any casino games you do get stuck into playing are going to be random and fair, and as such you could experience winning streak no matter which games you do choose to play, but some games do of course give you more chances of winning.

With that in mind what we would always advise you to do when you are in a gambling frame of mind is to spend a little bit of time looking at the payout percentages and the house edges that each casino game you are thinking of playing have been set to return.

Once you know which slot games or video poker machines have the highest payout percentages those are of course the one you should be playing, similarly look out for the casino card and table games that have the lowest possible house edge and learn to play those game optimally, for when you do play those games with lower house edges perfectly you should get plenty of additional winning opportunities.

Also, always try and set yourself a very strict gambling budget and always stick to that budget to ensure you never spend more money than you have intended to do when gambling in play playing environment!



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