Which Card Games Have Ante Bets?

Which Card Games Have Ante Bets?

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Updated December 22, 2021

Which Card Games Have Ante Bets

When you play some casino card games you simply have to place a simple base game wager to send those games into live play and will not be required to place any additional wagers as those games are in play, one such game for example is Baccarat.

However, when you play some other casino card games you will first have to place an initial wager and then as the game unfolds you may be given the opportunity of placing additional bets and wagers, one such game is Blackjack!

When playing Blackjack you are given the option of doubling down, taking the insurance wager or even splitting a pair of cards all of which will see you having to place additional wagers onto the betting layout.

Some casino card games however have something known as an ante bet, and when you play these types of game you are obliged to place a wager to send the game into live play and then once you have been dealt out your initial hand you can then either fold your hand in which case you lose your ante bet or you can place an additional wager, and both your ante bet and the additional wager can return a winning payout based on the hand you have been dealt and of course the card game you are playing.

In this casino card game playing guide we shall introduce you so some casino card games on which you are obliged to place an ante bet, and one interesting aspect of playing the following games is that by placing the additional wager after the ante bet is that some very large winning payouts can be achieved, so the following games are sure to be of interest to a lot of players!

Ante Bets on 3 Card Poker Games

One thing to note when you choose to play games such as three card poker games is that you have two different playing structures available on these games. You can either opt to play a simple Pairs Plus bonus bet and by doing so you will be dealt out three cards and should your hand be one of those listed on the pay table then irrespective of the dealers hand you will receive the winning payout associated with hat hand.

However, you can also opt to play an additional playing structure on which you first have to place an ante bet, by placing that bet you will be dealt out three cards and then have to decide whether you think that hand is going to be strong enough to beat the dealers.

If you do think you have a strong hand that may beat the dealers hand then you need to place a play bet and then the dealers hand will be revealed, if the dealer does not qualify by showing a hand worth at least a Queen high then you will receive a winning payout on your ante bet only worth even money.

However, should the dealers hand contains at least a Queen high and your hand beats the dealer you receive a winning payout on not only your ante bet but your play bet to the value of your winning payout is determined by the ranking of your hand, so the higher a ranked hand it is the more you will stand to win.

Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Game

If you enjoy playing poker then it will be worth you taking a look at the Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus poker game which is a casino card game, however this is not a game on which you are faced with having to play a lot of other players, it is a simple heads up game you play against the dealer.

When you play this game you have a range of ante bets that you can place starting from a minimum bet of a modest 1.00, when you place that bet you are then going to be playing your heads up game against the dealer.

You then have to place a range of additional bets if you want to remain to stay in the game once the Flop, Turn and River cards are dealt out. Give this game a try at a Microgaming powered casino of when you play it there are some huge paying hand combinations that can be dealt out to you!


There are of course dozens of different casino cards games available to you at all of our feature online casino sites and with that in mind if you are looking or some card games to play that offer an ante bet then you are going to be spoilt for choice.

Join up to any of our highlighted casino sites as soon as you can for all of them will also allow you o play their card and other casino games for free and at no risk and that will of course enable you to see if you like he way those games all play and pay!



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