What Proportion of My Stake Feeds a Slots Progressive Jackpot?

What Proportion of My Stake Feeds a Slots Progressive Jackpot?

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April 21, 2014

What Proportion of my Stake Feeds a Slots Progressive Jackpot

Playing any type of progressive slot game whether online or in a land based casino in a certain way will give you a chance of winning the huge jackpot displayed on the jackpot meter of that respective slot.

The way you have to play progressive slots to be in with a chance of winning a progressive jackpot will vary depending on what slot you are playing, some require maximum bet stakes to be wagered and some slots can award progressive jackpots when playing them for any stake amount, so always check the pay tables of these kinds of jackpot slots and follow the instructions found on the pay table to make sure you never miss out on winning the progressive jackpot!

However, there is one question that slot players playing any type of progressive slot game will need to know that answer of, and this is just how much of your stake money is added to the jackpot pool. This is known as the jackpot contribution and it is an important aspect of playing any slot game for if the jackpot contribution is too high it will lower your winning chances when playing the base game of that slot.

This is due to there being less to pay back to players from the stakes fed into the machines, so to give you some ideas in regards to the amount of cash removed from your stakes and then fed into the jackpot pool we have listed below various different software providers games and will enlighten you on just how much each of them charge as your jackpot contribution when player their progressive slot games.

Jackpot Party Slot Game Progressive Contribution

If you play the slot games which offer the randomly awarded Jackpot Party bonus games which involve you playing a picking game in the hope of revealing a set of Stars, then you are going to be feeding the jackpot with 2.99% or your stakes.

The popularity of playing these Jackpot Party progressive slots is down to the random nature of the way in which the bonus game feature is awarded, and as soon as you uncover one star from the bonus game screen you then win the lowest valued progressive jackpot and then get to play again in the hope you can reveal another Star.

When playing the online versions of these Jackpot Party slots there are five different sized progressive jackpots on offer and as such you will find they offer plenty of chances of you winning some quite large amounts of cash the more you play them!

RealTime Gaming Random Jackpot Contribution

There are another set of slot games which can and do regularly payout their progressive jackpots completely at random and these slot games are the Real Series slots found in online casinos that use the Real Time Gaming software platforms.

When you are playing these slot games online the Jackpot Contribution of the slots is around 1.5% and as such you will need to keep that fact in mind when choosing to play these slots online, more so when you learn that RTG-powered sites have three different payout percentage options that they can set their slot games to play out to!

Ideally you will be hunting around for Real Time Gaming powered casinos that have the highest payout percentages attached to their slot games, for by sticking to and only playing those higher paying games the jackpot contribution is somewhat negated thanks to their higher RTP’s!

Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Slot Game Contribution

Sadly, Microgaming have chosen to keep the progressive jackpot contribution that players are forced to pay when playing their range of slot games a secret, and as such there is no real way of finding out how much of your stake money is feeding the jackpot meters.

However, what we have found out is the actual long term payout percentages that are attached to their progressive jackpot games, and it has been quite revealing finding this information out as Microgaming progressive slots have much lower payout percentages attached to them than their other slots.

This had led us to the conclusion that when playing Microgaming progressive slots a larger than average amount of your stake money is fed into the jackpot pool than when you play at online casinos using other software providers range of progressive slot games.

The average payout percentage attached to most of Microgaming’s standard 3 reel slot games and their range of bonus game awarding slots is around the 95% to 97% range however their listed and published RTP’s for their progressive slot games are much lower, take for example their Cash Splash 3 reel slot it has a listed RTP of just 91.51% and their Fruit Fiesta progressive slot RTP is even lower at 90.09% which looks like the jackpot contribution is around 4 to 5 percent.


As you have just read, the amount of cash you are forced to pay from your stakes played on progressive jackpot slots to feed the jackpot meters can vary from online casino to online casino, and over time this is going to have a negative effect on your winning chances.

Unless you actually win a progressive jackpot then when you give these slot games any amount of play time you are going to get fewer spins for your money and fewer winning combinations spinning in as your bankroll is dripping away and being fed into the jackpot prize pool!

So if you do fancy playing slot games today then try and play the progressive slot games only occasionally for you will have more winning chances and longer playing slot sessions when you stick to the standard non progressive jackpot paying slots such as the three reel slots and the video slot games.

Also be aware you are rarely able to play progressive slots online for free as casinos only let real money players access those types of slot games, some sites will let you test out progressive paying slots online but you will always find the jackpot meters switched off when you are accessing them in the free play mode!



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