What Is the Tier et Tout Strategy in Roulette?

What Is the Tier et Tout Strategy in Roulette?

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December 25, 2023

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Roulette strategies abound and, despite being a luck-based game with minimal player interference, the game attracts such a buzz that it’s hard to miss the ‘what roulette strategies do you use?’ convo.

In today’s article, we are talking about Tier et Tout roulette strategy. This is a negative progression betting system that helps players avoid long losing streaks. It’s rarely included in the list of top 5 roulette strategies as it’s a bit obscure, but it’s definitely a system worth knowing if you like math-heavy roulette betting systems optimized for bigger wins and smaller losses.

What Is the Tier Et Tout System?

Tier et Tout in French means ‘third and all’. The betting system is one of many negative progression betting strategies that roulette players often use when playing roulette in live and online mode.

What does this all mean? For starters, let’s break down the ‘third and all’ part. Tier et Tout splits the players’ bankroll into three parts, each part being saved for a specific purpose during the gaming session.

The ‘negative progression system’ part means that players track the progress of the round and if there’s a winning streak, the bets will decrease, whereas they are increased after a loss.

The initial bet dictates the pace: you place a bet, and if you win, the bet goes down. If you lose, it goes up; it’s that simple. However, the only thing that makes Tier et Tout different is the way the bets are increased/decreased as the focus with this strategy is on creating bigger wins over winning streaks and minimizing losses during losing streaks.

In other words, the general focus of the strategy is to capitalize on wins during winning streaks and try to curtail losses when you are hit with a dry spell (as much as possible, that is).

Tier et Tout was invented by Thomas Garcia, a famous Spaniard who became famous for his gambling exploits in the Hamburg Casino during the 19th century.

How to Use Tier et Tout

Learning the ropes of Tier et Tout is not complicated at all. If you are familiar with roulette strategies and wield enough knowledge about different betting systems, you’ll probably get the hang of it fairly quickly.

The Tier et Tout roulette betting system is a mix of the positive Reverse Fibonacci and a dash of the Labouchere which is a negative betting system.

Here is how Tier et Tout betting in roulette online works.

Before joining a round and placing the first bet, players take their betting balance and split it into three equal parts.

The first bet is one third of the chosen sum. In case of a loss, the next bet is the remaining two thirds that you’ve selected before.

If you win, you get a little bit of extra winnings you can set aside and start again. In other words, if you win the first bet, set aside the winnings. If you lose, the strategy progresses to a second bet, double the initial amount.

A third and final bet, quadruple the initial amount, serves as a potential recovery for your round.

An Example of Betting with a Tier et Tout System

What we explained above can get a little bit confusing for you, we know that. That’s why we are going to give you a thorough example of a betting round using the Tier et Tout system you can use to learn to use Tier et Tout the next time you open a roulette game to play.

For the purpose of this article, let’s say we have a $9 betting sum. When split into thirds, one third is $3. Please bear in mind that the best roulette bets for playing with Tier et Tout are even-money bets such as Red/Black and Even/Odd.

  1. We place a $3 on the round. The round is a loss, so we increase the win and we place $6 on the next round (the 2/3 of the sum).
  2. The bet is a win, so we now have $12 in total. We can again take $9 as the betting unit and set aside the extra $3.
  3. On the next round, place $3 again. If it is a win, you have $15 in total.
  4. You can again choose what to do with the betting unit – should you keep $9 or increase it to $12.
  5. If you increase the unit to $12, the next bet will be $4.
  6. You set a side $3, and take $12 as the unit which means the bet is $4 (as 12/4=3).
  7. You win, and then you have $8 in winnings along with $8 as two thirds of the betting unit, and $3 that you set aside. That’s $19 in total.

On the next round, you can again choose the betting unit you want to play with. As you have $19 in total, you can either choose $18 or $15, as both are divisible by 3 easily.

Advantages of Using Tier et Tout for Online Roulette

Why is Tier et Tout a good roulette system for roulette players?

For starters,  Tier et Tout aims to capitalize on winning streaks while managing losses through systematic betting adjustments. This provides a better, more structured approach to the unpredictable nature of roulette.

It’s designed to help players recover losses, too. For instance, whenever you lose around, you place a higher stake that’s double of what you previously staked, so in case of a win, you get a win that’s not just a double of what you invested – but rather a quadruple of it. For instance, if you bet $2 and lose, you are down $2. On the next round, you wager $4 and win so then you have $8, which means you have $2 more than when you started.


Because there are so many different betting systems, patterns, and strategies, roulette players are often confused as to what are their priorities when playing. Are they trying to protect their assets or increase winnings? Tier et Tout is there for both.

With Tier et Tout, you can prevent big losses as you will try and focus on increasing winning streaks. Step by step, as Tier et Tout is for the patient players who don’t mind a bit of math.

You can try out Tier et Tout on every roulette game online. However, we suggest trying first with online roulette games you can play in real money mode and free demo mode. Only then should you switch to live roulette when you get a bit better at Tier et Tout roulette betting.



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