What are the Best April Fools’ Day Slots to Play?

What are the Best April Fools’ Day Slots to Play?

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April 1, 2014

What are the Best April Fools’ Day Slots to Play

As today is April Fools’ Day we thought it would be the perfect day to introduce you to some of the most unique types of bonus games which are available on a range of online slot games! When you first see the description of what the following slot games can award via their bonus games you may think we are pulling your leg!

However do have a look through the following slot games, for if you are seeking something very unique, unusual and certainly interesting to play today the 1st of April then the following slot games will certainly give you a fun and entertaining gaming experience!

How About Scorpion Racing in the Desert?

Certainly quicker than snail racing, Sizzling Scorpions offers a basic, but hugely entertaining layout. The game boasts a single win line and three reels, there are plenty of winning combinations to be made, as well as a bonus round.

The bonus round is triggered when the Buzzard symbol spins into play on the win line, and this will see you having to back one of three Scorpions to win a race. This will then award you with one of several cash prizes. Not only is this slot really fun, it’s got a quirky feel to it, making it perfect to play on April Fools! If you are new to playing slots, or you want a simple session without a million and one paylines and just as many features, then this is the slot to play. We showcase hundreds of slots, but sometimes, back to basics is best!

Stripping Off a Good Looking Alien!

Well this is interesting. The Sneaky Peek Planet Exotica slot is a combination of the movies The Fifth Element, and a Striptease! If Green, Pink or Blue boobs have intrigued you, then be sure to take a look at Planet Exotica!

There’s a 5000 coin jackpot, and a Free Spins bonus, as well as the Sneak a Peek bonus game as well! The Sneak a Peek bonus is a picking bonus, and matching 3 items will award bonus multipliers. However, be careful not to pick the Bouncer, for is you do, you’ll be thrown out before seeing the goods!

The Free spins bonus round is triggered when 3 or more Smooch symbols spin into view. On triggering the feature, you’re tasked with selecting 1 or the Smooches. This will award you with up to 10 free spins at up to x2 multiplier. However, during the free games, you’ll notice pink lipstick on reel 5, and green lipstick on reel 4. These symbols can award up to an additional x2 multiplier or up to an additional 3 free spins respectively.

There are of course extra features like a gamble win feature, but we feel that if you really want to gamble your win, you’ll hit the gamble button regardless! One word of caution however, if you do choose to gamble your win, but don’t get carried away, for you may end up losing it all!

Watching Two Fish Fighting in a Boxing Ring!

We don’t know what the guys at Microgaming HQ were on when they came up with the Fighting Fish Slot, but whatever it was, we want some! There are loads of quirky reel symbols, as well as wilds, scatters and a bonus round. There is a re spin bonus with expanding wilds on reels 2 and 4. The jackpot symbol is the Crab symbol, and this little critter will award you 5000 coins when you spin 5 or more of these symbols in to position on any of your active paylines.

There is a gamble win option available, as well as being able to completely alter your stakes and lines played, however to get the maximum action out of the Fighting Fish slot, be sure to have all winlines in play, even if it does mean reducing your stake per line.

This slot is perfect for when you want a slot that doesn’t take itself too seriously. After all, it’s April fool’s day! And to finish off this mini review, I saw a fight last night at the chip shop and a fish got battered!

Perform a Death Defying Stunt Plane Maneuver!

If you like Anime, then check out Fearless Fredrick. Designed in the iconic Japanese art style, you’ll find wilds, scatters, free spins, and 30 paylines. Furthermore, all of the stakes on Fearless Fredrick are completely variable, meaning you can play for as little or as much as you’d like!

The jackpot is 7000 coins and won only when 5 Fredrick symbols spin in to play on any one of your activated paylines. Be aware also that when playing Fearless Fredrick, you’ll have plenty of free spins due to the fact the reels are looser than an over stretched elastic! Simply spin 3 or more Scatters in to view and you’ll be awarded with a bonus multiplier and free spins.

During the free spins, you’ll be awarded x3 multipliers. So, as you can see, this slot is a really popular one, and if you fancy a flutter on April fool’s Day, then be sure to give Fearless Fredrick some play time!

As with all slots, if you want to get the maximum action out of it, we recommend playing with all lines active, however if you’re budget is a little restricting, why not lower your stake per line to ensure you’re getting the ultimate value for money.


As you have just learnt there are plenty of slot games which when you first hear a description of them may have you thinking their respective bonus games are the imagination of an April Fools’ Day prankster! However, the above named games may offer you plenty of winning opportunities not only today but at any time of the year!

One final thing to look out for today, and this is many online casinos are offering some additional slot playing bonuses today, so do checkout some of our featured casino websites for you may just get some added value from your slot playing budget if you do some hunting around!



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