Crash Gambling Games: The Appeal of Crash Games Within Online Gambling Sites

Crash Gambling Games: The Appeal of Crash Games Within Online Gambling Sites

Staff Writer
October 11, 2023

Crash Games Online Casinos

Crash games. For some players, a completely trivial game category that is easy to overlook, but for others, a fantastic way to try something new and enjoy crypto gambling online.

If you are wondering about the craze that’s been following crash games around, you’re at the right place.

Our guide will introduce you to the concept of crash gambling games, and we’ll teach you all about crypto crash games, popular iGaming providers crafting these titles, and even show you a couple of our favorites. Make sure to stick around until the end of the guide for a scope of crypto-friendly casinos where you enjoy crash casino games.

What Are Crash Games?

Crash games are niche content. They are not that easy to come by, and most casinos that do offer them have only a handful of titles on offer. The three main reasons why there aren’t many crash gambling games are

  1. They are new on the market;
  2. Not many providers make them;
  3. They are associated with crypto gambling.

Crypto gambling, despite its many pros and cons, it’s often considered controversial, and does not spark all that much confidence among the general public. Moreover, some markets are completely against it, which makes it difficult for crash games to gain traction. But that’s seemingly changing, if the increase of crash games is any indication.

Crash games, or crash casino games, are online games in which players place a stake and try to cash out before the line that they are following crashes and they lose everything. That line is the central focus, and everyone watches it go up until it randomly crashes. As long as there is progress of the line, so does the potential payout for the participants of the round increase. All participants are given a chance to cashout and thus collect the winnings at any point in the round. If they are interrupted by a sudden crash, they lose the entire bet. It’s quite simple both in theory and in practice.

How Crash Games Work

I think there is no easier game to play than crash gambling games, except maybe slots.

Crash games are made with one purpose only – to create pure, effortless fun for the players while offering a real possibility to win crypto money. As a result, crash games are high-risk, fast-paced adventures on every turn with a fantastic win potential.

But bear in mind  that that ‘fantastic win potential’ does not translate into exorbitant sums, as this is, after all, a casual gambling game. If you want to win massive lumps of money, go play live game shows or games with big multipliers. Crash casino games are easy-to-play casual games for low and medium rollers.

To play a crash game, you only need a betting budget and that’s it. Once you’ve picked a game, you need to set a wager and follow the round until you decide to cash out. Just make sure to do that before the crash, and that’s it.

At the start of each round, players get a betting window lasting up to 10 seconds to place wagers. Once time runs out, the line starts going up, and a multiplier stays on display on-screen showing you how much you can win in case you decide to cash out at any given moment. If you miss your chance, a random and sudden crash will occur and all your money will be lost. If you, however, manage to cash out before that happens, you will get the prize.

Debut Crash Games Vs Now

The new-found popularity of crash casino games comes from the fact that many game producers found way to modernize the game and make it more player-friendly. For starters, some of the earliest examples of crash games featured only the line that goes up, a multiplier, and manual cashing out.

Nowadays, the RTP is a little bit different, new themes and features have been introduced, and players can  use Auto Cash Out to prevent losing money. Also, a hands-free experience reminds players of Autoplay in regular casino games such as slots and table games, which made crash games even more appealing to the casino audience.

What is more, the first crash gambling games existed only on crypto platforms. You could find these games only at cryptocurrency online casinos, and there wasn’t too many of those around at the time.

Nowadays, not only do we have a plethora of crypto casinos online, but also crash games are slowly appearing in regular online casinos. You can basically find more and more crash games that are not specifically crypto-related and play with fiat currency.

Are Crash Games Popular?

We cannot say that they are all that popular, but they are certainly getting there. In other words, it’s a work in progress, especially considering the efforts of so many gaming companies to introduce crash casino games into regular casino lobbies on the internet. Game producers such as Pragmatic Play, Evoplay, and Fugaso are just some of the game producers who are creating crash games. Pragmatic Play, one of the leaders of iGaming worldwide at the moment, is actually slowly stepping into crash games. the producer launched its first-ever crash game debut last year titled Spaceman. And this year, the Big Bass Crash™ came out to enrich the category even more.

Not only that, but other software developers are busy contributing to the genre with their innovative releases. Gamzix, KA Gaming, Aviatrix, iMoon and many others are just some of the names you should keep an eye on, especially if you enjoy this type of content. Trust us, they are the next big thing.

Top 3 Crash Games to Play Online

The guide would not be complete without a proper list of the best crash casino games to play online for real money. There are dozens of quite entertaining crash games at casinos, so there’s a lot to choose from. However, if you are unsure which providers are reliable and what games are the best to play for real money, worry not. We are here to help.

Here is a list of our favorite crash casino games that you can play at your preferred casino online. Hopefully, we’ll soon get to update the list by offering crash games ranked as we explore more crash gambling games.

If you want, you can play both demo and real-money version, meaning you can try the games for free or play using real money.

1000x Busta

1000x Busta 4ThePlayer Crash game

1000x Busta is a crypto crash game build and operated by 4ThePlayer. If you are unfamiliar with 4ThePlayer, that is a younger iGaming software provider working closely with Yggdrasil Gaming. In fact, 4ThePlayer is one of the most popular game producers in Yggdrasil’s network, with games that attract a wide scope of players from across the globe.

The 1000x Busta crash game is actually one of the earliest 4ThePlayer releases. At the beginning of its career, the company focused heavily on crash games, but soon found its passion is creating slots. And not just any kind of slots – superbly innovative and wildly entertaining casino slots loved by all.

1000x Busta does not need a special introduction or guide. It’s a simple crash game that you can play alongside 100x Dice. The game has an RTP of 97% and max win potential of 1000x the stake.


Spaceman Crash Game Pragmatic Play

Spaceman™, the first-ever crash game in Pragmatic Play’s arsenal, changed a lot of things for the company. For starters, Pragmatic Play saw how popular the category is, but more importantly, the company understood the potential that’s behind this fantastic genre. A casual game, with a fun twist and seemingly endless source of fun (despite its repetitive nature)? Count Pragmatic Play in.

Spaceman™ uses an astronaut as its main character, and the tiny astronaut – aka Spaceman – goes flying to outer space in the hope of scoring the highest possible multiplier. The game’s designed as a fast-paced adventure with rapid rounds and 5-second betting phases in-between. If you want to play Spaceman for real money, you can do so by betting between $1 and $100 per round. The game has an RTP of 95.50% and a maximum payout of 5,000x the stake.

Big Bass Crash™

Big Bass Crash Game Pragmatic Play

The second Pragmatic Play crash game happens to be Big Bass Crash™, a fantastic new Big Bass release. Previous Big Bass releases were slots, and as they are wildly popular among the players, Pragmatic Play decided to update it a bit by making it a crash game. As a result, we got a fishing-themed Big Bass Crash game similar to the Spaceman.

Namely, the RTP for Big Bass Crash™ is 95.50%, while the betting range starts at $1 and goes up to $100. At the start of every round, players set a bet adjusted to the betting range, and then wait for start. Once the fishing starts, you can either Cash out 50% or Cash out which will cash out the entire bet sum from the game before the crash. If you leave it going on, the multiplier will increase but so will your chances of a crash. The game’s payout is 5000x.

Where to Play Crash Games

At the moment, a handful of online casinos offer crypto crash games. as we already mentioned, the game genre is not that popular at the moment, as it’s slowly becoming an attraction. In online casino circles, i.e., at casinos that do not offer cryptocurrency gaming, it’s still very hard to find a crash casino game.

There is also the question of geo restrictions. Namely, the UK is famous for not being open to crypto gambling, so it’s logical that there aren’t any crash gambling games as they are related to crypto. But in Canada, Australia, and other countries where crypto games are allowed, it’s fairly easy to locate a crash site.

1xBet Casino is one such casino. This venue is a fantastic brand popular across the globe. That means that you can play here without worries about restrictions from most big gambling markets.

Moreover, the site is also packed with fantastic games and betting options. You can bet on sports, esports, lotto, classic and live casino games, and even crash gambling games.

Be sure to check out 1xBet casino whenever you can if you want to try your luck with crash gambling games.

Crash Game Strategies & Tips

Truth be told, there is not much we can help you with in terms of crash game gambling times. Most of these games are literally based on pure luck, and as they are almost impossible to predict, we cannot really tell  you when you will crash.

However, the only thing we can tell you is that the best way to stay safe is to cash out early. Don’t risk it – just take the low payout and go.

After playing all sorts of crash games online on PC and mobile phones, we’ve come to the conclusion that there is only one strategy that works for us. And that is the strategy of early cashout.

No matter how high you might think the payout would go, you can never know when will the crash happen. And trust us, it is inevitable, and you are bound to be caught in the demise at least one in a session. It’s not us, it’s statistics and probability.

So, to fend off any potential risk and ruin, we recommend cashing out early in the round, like when the potential hits 2.0x or similar. You might even go lower than that If you want.

We must note that, even if you strictly stick to cashing out at 2x, you are bound to crash eventually, but the odds of crashing before 2x beat the odds of crashing later by far. You have more chances to win something and actually win a prize if you stick to a low-risk strategy rather than going for the big payouts (and successfully reaching a bigger payout once per session, which is not that good).

Another Strategy That Might Sound Good (In Theory)

You can also try and pick and choose rounds you want to participate in. For instance, if you notice a big payout in a round, you can decide to either not participate or go in with a low bet, you might save money if you think the next round might have an early demise. At first glance this might sound like a sound idea, but it’s actually not – there’s nothing to prove this a reasonable solution. Each round is RNG, so there is no way to predict the crash – and each round is for itself.


There you have it, folks – crash casino games! Although crash games seem like a very repetitive, ultimately boring type of game, they are actually proving to be quite fun for players from all walks of life. Yes they are typically associated with crypto gambling – and that’s why you can see them mostly at crypto casinos – but the situation is slowly changing.

We are hoping to see more and more crash gambling games at our favorite casinos, especially from big brands such as Pragmatic Play. Who knows, maybe we’ll see even see giant companies such as Yggdrasil and Games Global enter the circle once they realize the potential that these games have. In the meantime, you can enjoy the variety of existing crash crypto games online, and wait for more crash games to join the fray.


  • How many crash games are there?

At the moment, not a lot, but the numbers are increasing. More and more game providers are starting to build their crash game portfolios, and we expect a boom in the next couple of years.

  • How crash games work?

Crash games are exceptionally easy to understand and play. The only thing you need is a bet that you place on a round and then watch as the multiplier increases. Your goal is to cash out as much as you can before the crash happens. If you crash, you lose everything.

  • What crash game is the best?

That is difficult to answer, but we would easily say that any game from Pragmatic Play is a good choice. As one of the biggest game companies in the industry, Pragmatic Play was smart to realize what potential lies hidden in crash games and started experimenting with this category. For now, we have two crash games in Pragmatic Play’s arsenal, but we’ll undoubtedly get more soon.

  • What game producers make crash games for casinos?

Many, including Pragmatic Play and Yggdrasil’s small studio partner 4ThePlayer. Then there’s also Mancala Gaming, Evoplay, KA Gaming, Gamzix, Aviatrix, iMoon, Mascot Gaming, BGaming, Skywind, and many others.

  • What types of crash games are there?

The game mechanics is mostly the same in every crash game online, but the theme is the only place providers get to experiment and have fun with. As a result, there are dozens of themes  in these crash games – from space and fishing, to crypto, animals, Asian crash games, animals, football, food, crash racing games, etc. Be sure to check thoroughly the crash game section in your casino to see what themes are on offer.



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