Top 7 Sci-Fi Slots

Top 7 Sci-Fi Slots

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Updated October 31, 2023

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Whether you enjoy hard science fiction stories or space operas and odysseys, or simply like the Sci-Fi theme, we have something special for you today. There are many futuristic, dystopian, and space-themed slots out there so we have prepared a list of the top 7 Sci-Fi slots for you. Here you will be able to find releases with beautiful science-fiction visual themes and exciting game mechanics. Luckily, many great releases fit this description out there so we have included titles from recent years and by your favorite developers.

Now fire up that spaceship, set your phasers to stun, and let us dive into this collection of futuristic video slots.

The Last Sundown – Play’n GO

the last sundown slot

All of the slots on this list are visually stunning but there is just something special about Play’n GO’s style that sets them apart from the rest. Your first journey into The Last Sundown slot will be met by an apocalyptic dystopian future with fully animated cyber outlaw characters. The Last Sundown features 5 reels with up to 7776 winning ways and a 18000x maximum payout. The game has strong Cyberpunk energy featuring its main cast of cybernetically-enhanced characters as high-win symbols and their weapons as low-win symbols.

The main special mechanic is the splitting symbols which can trigger on any spin. Furthermore, the game also has free spins and pays left to right for identical symbols on adjacent reels in any location. Everything is narratively structured as a cyber heist and once you start spinning the reels you will feel like you are in it. Between getting the keycode card as a wild and a med-pack as a scatter, The Last Sundown is highly immersive. This dystopian slot has an RTP of 96.20% and is definitely worth checking out if you are a Sci-Fi slot fan.

Space Wars 2 PowerPoints – NetEnt

space wars 2 slot

Now, we all know that the Sci-Fi genre and theme are filled with grim-dark post-apocalyptic, and dystopian stories. But sometimes you need an adorable light-hearted science fiction game to lighten the mood. Enter Space Wars 2 PowerPoints by NetEnt, the sequel to their beloved cute aliens slot game. In this space adventure, you will be competing for the 10.020x max payout on a 6×6 grid with cluster pays. The game’s symbols are the adorable alien critters and they are accompanied by many bonus features.

Speaking of which, the PowerPoints by NetEnt are glowing points that you win with every winning combo. Collecting lots of them fills a meter that awards win multipliers. Furthermore, there are also special features like the Blaster and Zapper. These spaceship-inspired mechanics increase your winning chances by removing symbols except wilds. Remember those PowerPoints? Well, collecting a thousand of them also awards free spins on a special 8×8 grid. There is tons of stuff going on in this NetEnt release and you can read all about it in our Space Wars 2 PowerPoints slot review.

Astro Legends Lyra And Erion – Games Global and Foxium

astro legends slot

On the neon side of Sci-Fi slots, we have one of our favorite titles on this list in the form of Astro Legends Lyra And Erion by Games Global and Foxium. This Synthwave-fueled musical slot features a unique grid where you need to match 3 or more identical adjacent symbols. The main characters Lyra and Erion are beautifully animated and the background of this slot game is visually stunning.

As for bonus mechanics, there is the Sonic Respins. During these random respins, winning symbols are held and all other symbols will re-spin for extra winning combinations. However, the most exciting part is the bonus game. In the bonus game, the player will be choosing different paths on a neon-themed board for a chance to score major rewards. We do not want to spoil too much as you can read our Astro Legends Lyra and Erion slot review. All we are going to say is that if you love Synthwave, the neon aesthetic, and science fiction, you are going to adore this Foxium release.

Machina Megaways – Relax Gaming

machina megaways slot

Let us go back to the cyberpunk subgenre of Sci-Fi slots with the world-ruling super A.I. in Machina Megaways by Relax Gaming. This is one of the most exciting cyberpunk Megaways on the market. It has excellent visuals, music, and interesting game mechanics with several jackpots to be won. Mainly, this Megaways game features a 26.000x maximum payout with 6 reels on the board and up to 46656 winning ways. Machina Megaways is a progressive jackpot slot with bonus free spins and various extra mechanics.

Next to the super A.I. ruling the world, there are freedom fighter characters in the form of high-win symbols fighting for this dystopian world. Some of the main bonus features are transforming symbols, stacked wilds, stacked symbols, and jackpots. The symbols have well-rounded payouts with a great RTP value of 96.59%. If cyberpunk is more to your liking when it comes to science fiction-themed slots, then the Machina Megaways slot is for you.

Mystery Mission to the Moon – Push Gaming

mistery mission to the moon slot

Do you like moon-travel stories filled with a little bit of alien discovery and mysterious conspiracies? The Mystery Mission to the Moon by Push Gaming brings us just that. Join our hero as he explores the abandoned moon station in search of alien life. The game features 20 paylines with 6 reels and a maximum win of 10000x the main bet. Prepare for alien encounters, a high volatility factor, and a worthwhile RTP value of 96.25%.

Push Gaming is known for their various bonus mechanics, and this game is no different. First off, the wild and the free spins scatter are combined into the Wild Moon symbol in this slot. Additionally, players can experience the Mystery Stack symbol that can land on any reel and transform into other symbols. Then there are also the Mystery Stacks, 3 or more of them will award wins on all 20 paylines regardless of whether symbols match or not. There is a ton to unpack in this Mystery Mission to the Moon so check out this Push Gaming release.

Space Goonz – Habanero

space goonz slot

Continuing on with aliens but without the mystery part, it’s Space Goonz by Habanero. Now, this space-themed release is chock-full of cute little alien critters enhanced by advanced cybernetics. They are all designed as if they came out of a Lilo and Stitch cartoon. Habanero has done an excellent job of combining narrative with game mechanics so those cybernetic enhancements play a real part in the game. Mainly, you have the 5 alien characters that can be upgraded by landing the special cyber wilds. Once upgraded, these symbols are replaced by higher-paying versions of themselves.

There is a total of 1024 winning ways in the game that the player can score. The RTP of Space Goonz is calculated to be 96.65% which is an excellent RTP value. Speaking of great values, the maximum bet a player can place is higher than any game on this list with a 3624x maximum payout. Remember to focus on those wilds while playing Space Goonz as landing 2 or more of the triggers the upgrade symbol feature. Check out our review of the game and play it for free or real money at our recommended Habanero casinos.

Sparky and Shortz – Play’n GO

sparky and shortz slot

Last but not least, we have another Play’n GO release for you today. This is a wholesome one to be sure as it focuses on the robotics side of Sci-Fi slots. Play’n GO’s Sparky and Shortz features the two titular main robot characters on an adventure. The game starts off with a good old animation this studio is known for showing us that Shortz actually houses the reels inside his robot body. Then we have Sparky who is our guide through the reels collecting valuable resources as we spin the 5 reels with 10 paylines.

On your machine journey, you will encounter various bonus features with Sparky and Shortz. These are the win multipliers, stacked reel bonuses, the boost meter, and more. The symbols are represented by exotic phenomena and creatures that Sparky and Shortz take care of. Trigger the free spins to get a visually beautiful showcase of animated symbols and special features. The maximum win of the game is 10000x the main bet with a 96.28% RTP value and high volatility. This is definitely on the light-hearted side of our Sci-Fi slots and is definitely worth checking out only for the story and visuals.

Honorable Mentions

There are a lot of great choices for you to pick from in our Sci-Fi slots list so the choice is hard. Therefore ufortunately or fortunately for you, there are a whole lot more great science fiction theme slot games out there so we had to include some honorable mentions. Here are a few more excellent releases to try:

  • Multiplier Odyssey – Relax Gaming – 96.50% RTP
  • CritterPop – Yggdrasil Gaming and AvatarUX – 96.08% RTP
  • Stargate Megaways – Light and Wonder – 94.09% RTP
  • Outer Space Invaders – Leander Games – 96.01% RTP
  • Cosmic Voyager – Thunderkick – 96.14% RTP
  • Reapers – Print Studios – 96.47% RTP

These honorable mentions are some great Sci-Fi slots that we simply did not have room for in our official list. We have listed their RTP values as one of the factors if you want to check them out. If you want even more slot lists like this one, check out our other collections that might interest you like:

Have fun and let us know your favorites.

Final Remarks

Picking a favorite science fiction slot is an impossible task. That is why this list is in no particular order and is simply there for browsing. We have included releases from the top-rated slot developers and we chose games that are relatively recent. As is the case in most of these lists we do, we apologize if we have not included your favorite science fiction slot, there are simply too many excellent slot games. We hope you enjoy our list and that you will have fun with our recommended Sci-Fi slots. Until next time.

Sci-Fi Slots Q&A

  • Where can I play these slots?

You can check out all of these slots at our recommended online casinos. We have included links to some of them in the first three entries.

  • Can I try these slots for free?

Absolutely, you can. Each of these slots has either a free play version or a demo version where you do not need to risk spending real money. This is an excellent way to try games and see if you like the mechanics.

  • Which one of these titles has the best payouts?

That would definitely have to be the Space Goonz title by Habanero. Not only can you wager up to a few thousand units but the max payout is nothing to scoff at.

  • Which Sci-Fi slot has the best RTP?

The best RTP values on this list are the Space Goonz slot with 96.65% and Relax Gaming’s Machina Megaways (96.59%) and Multiplier Odyssey (96.50%).

  • What is the release date for these slots?

Most of these slots are from past few years as we wanted to include regularly update fresh releases by modern and active slot developers.



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