The Pros and Cons of Playing Scratchcard Games Online

The Pros and Cons of Playing Scratchcard Games Online

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February 28, 2014

Pros and Cons of Playing Scratchcard Games Online

You can visit most retail outlets these days and purchase scratchcards, however have you ever taken time to study the distribution of the cash prizes offered on them, or seen the percentage of prize money awarded in relation to the actual purchase price of these cards?

If so you could quite easily be put off buying scratchcards for after the retailer, the company making and distributing the scratchcards along with any organisations getting a share of the profits and also the tax man getting his cut the price of the scratchcards the value of the prizes on offer are often lower than the share the winners gets from the cost of the cards!

Today we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of playing scratchcard games online, it does have to be said the pros do out way the cons, more so when you compare online scratchcard games offered to players of an online casino to those found in shops and retail lottery type outlets!

Cost of Online Scratchcard Games

You are going to be able to choose just how much you pay to play online scratchcard games, for unlike those cards sold in shops they do not come with a static price, and this does of course allow you to play for low modest stakes but still have a good chance of winning some large amounts of cash.

Whereas you will find scratchcards available with stakes of 1.00, 2.00, 5.00 and often 10.00 and above in shops and land based venues when playing online you will find scratchcard games readily on offer for stakes as low as 0.10, so value is certainly on the side of online scratchcard players!

Scratchcard Game Prize Distribution

One aspect of buying and playing a land based venue purchased scratchcard that can often be somewhat confusing is the actual chances of you winning a prize, whilst on the rear of all scratchcards purchased from such venues the small print will let you know the chances of you winning on that ticket the actual payout percentage of the cards can be completely different.

We recently took a closer look at some scratchcards you can purchase from a shop and clearly stated on the reverse of the card was a statement which read, “there is a 1 in 3.66 overall chance of winning a prize”, and that may seem like a good chance of winning a sizeable chunk of cash, for that particular scratchcard game with a top prize of 100,000.00.

However upon checking the actual payout percentage of that scratchcard we found it was a shocking 67.01%! That is a horrendous return to player payout percentage, especially when you compare it to the payout percentages many online scratchcard games have been set to return to players as winnings!

Online Scratchcard Payout Percentages

There are quite a number of different types of online scratchcard games available at many different casinos online, however we have found the biggest and most varied range of these types of games are found in the gaming suite of our featured Microgaming software powered casinos.

What is going to be interesting to you is the actual payout percentages that many of these slots games are guaranteed to return to players over the long term operation of these online scratchcard games, and below we shall take a closer look at the RTP’s of scratchcard games on offer at Microgaming powered online casino sites.

Having spent some time researching and trawling through all of the available and published payout percentages of Microgaming’s scratchcard games we found the best paying one and the one on which you are more likely to win on is the Hand to Hand Combat game which has a listed RTP of a huge 96.75%, which for reference is higher than many Microgaming slot games!

Other high paying online scratchcard games include the Crypt Crusade Gold, Six Shooter Looter Gold and the recently launched Space Evader Gold scratchcard games, these three scratchcards have a long term expected payout percentage of 96.66%.

In fact even the lowest paying scratchcard game which is the Bunny Boiler game boasts a long term expected payout percentage of 94.22%, and that is way higher than that shockingly low payout percentage of 67.01% offered on the scratchcard we purchased from a shop, and it as high as the RTP’s found on slot games, so you won’t be making any compromises in regards to your winning chances when playing scratchcards online!

Slow Paced Scratchcard Playing Sessions

The beauty of opting to have an online gaming session where you are only going to play scratchcard games is that the actual pace of these sessions will be much slower, and this may suit a lot of players who do not enjoy the other more fast paced games offered online.

Thanks to the high payout percentages offered on online scratchcard games, the huge and very diverse range of themes and playing structures, and of course the very real chance of winning big, why not give some of the available online scratchcard games a try, the winnings really are there for the taking and you should enjoy testing out the games and seeing just what each one of them has to offer you.


With there being some quite ingenious online scratchcard games available you will often be amazed at just how much fun they are to play, many now offer you more than one chance of picking up a winning payout when playing them and they can be great valued games to play more so when you are gambling with a small modest bankroll.

We doubt you are going to find any scratchcards offered for sale in a land based venue that come with the high prize payout structure offered on online scratchcard games, and as such we invite you to give some of these games a try for free at any of our featured casino sites, you may soon get to like them, and will certainly find the higher payouts and high win frequency appealing!



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