The Best Free Spins Option to Select

The Best Free Spins Option to Select

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May 8, 2014

The Best Free Spins Option to Select

There are quite a number of video slot games on which you are given a range of different options as to how you can play off a set of free spins when you have triggered this type of bonus game, and in this slot playing guide we are going to give you an insight into what the differences are dependent on just which set of free spins you choose on a range of different online slots.

The following slot games are found in Microgaming software powered online casino sites or those multi platform sites which are starting to appear online which have this companies slot games in addition to other companies slot games on offer.

Dolphin Tale Free Spins Options

The Dolphin Tale slot game is a 40 payline slot, as the free spins are triggered by three or more of the scatter symbols spinning in anywhere in view then it doesn’t matter how many of those free spins you set into play you are going to eventually trigger the free spins when playing it with any number of paylines in play and for any stake levels.

There are five different ways that you can play out a set of free spins when this bonus feature round is awarded to you, and when you are playing this slot it will be up to you which one of them you opt for. The available free spins include a set of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins which have multipliers attached to them of up to x20, x12, x8, x7 or x5 respectively.

Should you be looking for potentially the highest winning payouts and you are playing for fairly large stake amounts then opt for the lowest number of free spins which is 5 of them for as the multiplier values can be as high as x20 on each of those free spins when playing for high stakes there is the very real chance of you being awarded some mega sized winning payouts during the bonus free spins round.

However, if you are playing with a lower stake in place and you trigger the free spins on this slot game, more so if you have not activated all of the paylines available, then you are best off picking the highest number of free spins when they are triggered, and as such you should select the 25 free spins.

The reason why we suggest you pick this option is that as you are playing for low stakes or do not have all of the paylines in play then you are going to have more chances of spinning in winning combinations when you have more free spins playing out during this bonus game, picking a lower number of free spins could result in you spinning in fewer winning combinations, or even worse no winning combinations at all!

Loaded Slot Game Free Spins Options

Another slot game found in many online casino sites that gives you the option of picking one of several different ways of playing off your set of awarded free spins is the Loaded Slot game, that has 25 paylines on offer and you need three or more scatter symbols in view to trigger this slot games free spins bonus feature round.

The free spins you can pick from are as follows, you may opt to play 24 free spins all of which will be playing off with x2 multipliers attached to them, or you can opt to play 18 free spins on which the multipliers in place are worth x3, the other available option always offered when the free spins bonus game is triggered on this slot game which is done when three or more of the Microphone scatter symbols spin in is 12 free spins which have x4 multipliers attached to them and as such any winning combination formed when this option is playing off will see your winning payouts quadrupled in value!

You will need to make a snap decision on which set of free spins you play off when they are awarded and it will of course be dependent on the element of risk you want to place on those free spins in regards to just which option you select.

The best option for you to pick if you are adverse to too much risk as the first option that being 24 free spins on which the winning combinations that form have their payout  values doubled, as that option will give you a fair and reasonable chance of forming quite a number of winning combinations.

However, should you like taking risks and are prepared to risk getting fewer winning combinations forming during the bonus free spins round then opt for the 12 free spins option, for whilst you will not have the chance of forming as many winning combinations as when you take the larger number of free spins options, those x4 multipliers will boost the value of those that do form quite significantly!


Whilst some online slot games from different software and casino game design companies have slots which have the outcomes of the free spins bonus game pre-determined before you set them into play, the vast majority of the slots you play online are completely random.

So on those predetermined slots it doesn’t matter which set of free spins you choose, the outcome have been decided in regards to how much cash you will win before you set them spinning! This of course will mean you are going to get potentially better paying free spins awarded on the completely random slots, as a random slot is a better type of slot to play as you could get some large paying sets of free spins awarded consecutively.

A predetermined set of free spins will be playing out and aiming to balance the payout percentage on those types of slots which for reference are usually the fruit machine type of slot machines you can find online!



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