Anton Kuhlmann SpinPlay Founder & CEO on Putting the SpinPlay Games Spin on Universal Slot Themes

Anton Kuhlmann SpinPlay Founder & CEO on Putting the SpinPlay Games Spin on Universal Slot Themes

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Updated December 8, 2022

SpinPlay Games Interview

SpinPlay Games is a reputable independent gaming studio working with Microgaming since 2020.

Its portfolio might not contain hundreds of titles, but it’s certainly a name to remember. The fully remote Las Vegas-based studio is a breath of fresh air in the saturated gambling market, and it’s about to become an even bigger player, all thanks to its exciting releases in 2022. Have a look at what its CEO and founder Anton Kuhlmann shared with CasinosOnline.

  • Hello, and we wish you a hearty welcome to We are proud to introduce SpinPlay Games to our committed players. Do you mind telling us a few words about yourself?

Hi. I’m Anton Kuhlmann – Founder and CEO of SpinPlay Games. Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you. I’m a Las Vegas native, and so I had the rare opportunity of growing up surrounded by casinos. I worked on the casino side for several years before starting my career in game design and production. I am a true gamer at heart and have always been obsessed with games of all types: slots, card games, video games, board games, casual games – I love them all!

We started SpinPlay a few years ago and it’s been amazing to be able to make the games that we do for our players.

Our studio has a strong DNA in gaming, with a wealth of experience from different segments of the wider industry. Serena and I started in the industry together as game mathematicians, making slot games for physical cabinets. We spent some time at several big providers in the US, and from there transitioned to making games for social casinos. We then split off to establish SpinPlay Games, with a team coming from social gaming, land-based gaming, and of course iGaming. 

  • Let’s try and paint the full picture of SpinPlay Games for our readers. What does a typical working day at SpinPlay Games look like? Please describe the overall vibe in the community.

We built our first game when we were a small team of six, and today we have grown to a count of 25 team members in the studio. 

We are a fully remote studio, and our team has really flourished in this environment. Everyone is a key contributor to the studio, and that ownership really lets us run together. It’s a great group of friendly and passionate superstars that love what they do – making awesome games together.

  • SpinPlay Games is based in Las Vegas. Do you think that your location impacts the way you view and make casino games?

Several of us grew up in Las Vegas, and it definitely has had an impact on how we see slots and the experience of playing them. We like to say that gaming is in our blood. We meet for lunch at a local casino and play some games on the floor, share those experiences, and really get into the flow of the gameplay.

  • One of your most prominent inventions is certainly the Amazing Link What inspired your team to come up with it? Furthermore, has it lived up to your expectations?

The Amazing Link™ feature and pick feature that are core to the series give the game a solid baseline, and the major enhancement for each title is in the free spins. Our original title, Amazing Link™ Zeus, features the roaming wild amazing reel, and in Apollo you can retrigger while upgrading reels for the remaining free spins to have only wild or Amazing symbols. We’re looking forward to the release of Amazing Link™ Fates this March, which gives players an entirely new free spins experience.

Amazing Link Fates Slot

  • To exemplify, our players have been loving Amazing Link Zeus. In your opinion, what’s the best Amazing Link slot?

Right now, my favourite has to be Amazing Link™ Fates coming out soon. We’re working on future games for the series, so that may change later in the year. One of the challenges of making games is that we’re always so excited about what is going to happen 9-12 months from now, with the games in our early creative development.

  • Bank Vault and its immersive Cash Catch feature have also been a great success. Do you intend on building on the reputation of this money-themed slot by adding more games to the saga?

We love the features in Bank Vault, and the Cash Catch feature in particular is a lot of fun to play. We’re always looking for opportunities to bring successful mechanics and brands back into our future games, as we have with the Amazing Link™ series and our Power Range mechanics. 

Bank Vault Slot Online

  • Your first game for 2022 was an animal-themed Wolf Call slot. What makes it so special that you decided to make it the breakthrough release for the year?

Our theming decisions are backed by research. We are here to make games for players and want to give them the themes they have come to enjoy.  While these themes may be universal, it’s always fun to put the SpinPlay Games spin on them. In this wild landscape, players feel part of the wolf pack as they sit high up in the den joined by the alpha, overlooking the vast canyon carved by the roaring river down below and encountering the many wild animals that call this majestic range home.

All answer to the call of the wild in this action-packed slot! OWOOOO!

Wolf Call Slot

  • What upcoming titles do you have up your sleeve? What can our player expect later in the quarter?

We have a lot of awesome games coming out this year, and we’re really excited to get them out there.  Of course, Amazing Link™ Fates is an anticipated sequel to the popular series, so look forward to that. We have some really exciting games after that, including the launch of a new game series in May of this year.

  • Finally, let’s wrap up with a parting message. Do you have anything to tell our readers until next time?

We love our players and make our games for you. Thank you for all your support, we are so grateful to our loyal players. We promise to keep putting love and passion into every game we make and look forward to bringing you entertainment for years to come!



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