Slot Games Masquerading as Video Poker Games

Slot Games Masquerading as Video Poker Games

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September 6, 2014

Slot Games Masquerading as Video Poker Games

One aspect of playing casino games online that you should always be aware of is that some games you can come across and play online may not be the types of games you had been expecting them to be!

Take for example the game of video poker, as you will know there are a number of different variants of video poker available at all online casino sites, and when  you choose to play any of them you will be expecting them to work, play and pay exactly as any standard video poker game would.

However, we are aware that some video poker games available at a handful of online casino sites are not really video poker games even though when you look at them you may immediately think they are indeed video poker games! So have a look through this game playing guide to ensure you become aware of which games these are so you can avoid playing them should you accidently stumble on them when you are looking for a video poker game playing session!

Wild Hearts Video Poker Game

There are two casinos online that has a range of video poker games that when you first see them you may instantly think they are video poker games, these casinos are SlotLand and WinaDay Casino. However those two sites utilize a unique type of gaming platform that is available in a no download required format online, and their video poker games which include a Jacks or Better game and a Wild Hearts game are in fact slot games and not video poker games.

The entire playing structure of those two games have been designed in exactly the same way as a video poker game has been, and as such you place your stake, get dealt out five playing cards and then can choose any cards to discard and will then be paid out if your replacement cards and those you have held form a winning hand combination as listed on the pay table of the game.

However the actual game engine is that of a slot machine, and as such you will not be able to play these two games strategically or by using standard video poker playing strategy for that will not make any difference to your winning chances, as each outcome of those two games are determined much like they are when you play slots.

With this in mind we would advise you to avoid playing those two online supposed video poker games, and stick to playing those at our showcased online casinos that are indeed true video poker games. However, if you fancy playing a slot game which has aspects of it that are similar to a video poker game then keep on reading as a new breed of slot and video poker games have started to appear online which are a mix of two games in one!

Games that are both Video Poker and Slot Games

Should you fancy getting stuck into playing a game which is part slot part video poker game than head on over to a Microgaming casino site for when you do you will find on offer a game known as the Reel Play Jacks or Better game, what makes this game very unique is that it is a mix of a multi line video slot and a Jacks or Better game!

When you play off any single game you are first dealt out five cards and each of those five cards are associated with the five reels of the slot, and when playing this initial part of the game you can choose to hold any of those cards and if you hold them they then get transposed onto the reels they are associated with.

The entire reel will be filled with the card you have held and any un-held cards are removed from the screen and the slot will then start to spin the reels which have no cards symbols upon them and are namely the reels and cards you do not select to hold.

The aim of this brand new part slot part video poker game is to get the best set of card symbols you can do on the reels that are then sent into live play and you will be hoping to have a winning hand combination of cards as listed on the pay table of this game on any single payline you have opted to put into play once the reels have been spun and come to a stop.


If you are looking to play video poker games that are in fact just that, then you should always be wary about playing at a casino site that is using an unknown gaming platform. For when you play at sites which have no information regarding where they are licensed or who supplies their games and software then you may run the risk of playing games which are not all they seem!

Locating a first class online casino site that is going to offer you the exact type of games you wish to play and game that work and play as you would expect them to is going to be easy if you take a look around our website for we have all the top rated casinos all of which we have handpicked to ensure that they are going to give you the best range of games, the most generous bonuses and most importantly if you win then you will not have any problem getting paid your winnings.



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