Slot Game Playing Myths

Slot Game Playing Myths

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January 17, 2014

Slot Myths Busted

You are going to read all manner of stories surrounding online slot games and how they work and operate when visiting websites and online casino forums, however you will find lots of myths and untruths about online slot games which some people do tend to believe without checking the facts about such slot games themselves, and as such today we shall take a look at some of the more common myths about online slots games and shall enlighten you to whether they are fact or fiction!

Slot Game RTP’s Can Be Adjusted

There are a huge number of online slot players who believe that after they have experienced a quite profitable slot playing session online the site at which they are playing at will then lower the payouts of the slots when that player returns to play at that respective casino site.

This is actually untrue, for all of the major online casino software providers and gaming platforms have slots than cannot be adjusted or altered once they have gone live. The reason why many players will experience a losing session straight after a winning one is purely luck, randomness and game volatility.

Many players also tend to increase the stake levels at which they play online slot games when they have experienced a winning streak and these increases in the stake levels are usually way too high for that bankroll to sustain for any amount of time, hence their bankrolls quickly diminish!

Brand New Slots Have Higher RTP’s Initially

Another common myth about new slot games is that when a new slot game appears online and is launched the casinos will give that slot and increased RTP for a few days or weeks to give players the impression it is much more generous and a much better paying slot than in really is, and then they will lower the payout percentages once the slot is established.

This is as mentioned in the above section not possible, as the majority of online casino licensing jurisdictions insist that the casino game providers and the licensees and operators of those sites are not permitted to increase or decrease the RTP’s of new or established slot games.

So you have just as much chance of winning when playing a new slot games as you do when playing one of the older online slots!

New Players Win More Progressive Jackpots

This is one of the stranger myths surrounding online slot playing, for there has been, over the years, a lot of large progressive slot game jackpots won by new players of some online casino sites, and this has given some players the impression that new players have some sort of increased chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

However having studied the facts and figures you are just as likely to win a progressive slot jackpot when you have been a member of any online casino for a long time as you do when you first sign up to an online casino, so do not think you have no chance of winning one of them if you have been a member of any one casino site for a long while!

Slot Game Bonus Rounds Come in Threes

Another common myth is that when you are playing some slot games and are awarded the bonus game on that game whether it is a free spins round or a pick to win type of bonus feature they often come in threes.

By this we mean you will be awarded the bonus games in fair quick succession, whilst it is of course perfectly with in the expectation of any slot that you could win three bonus games in quick succession we have not yet come across one which has been designed to award its bonus round in threes!

Bonus Games are Pre-Determined

This is one fact about slot games that is not a myth and is quite true, when you trigger and are awarded a slot games bonus round you are usually playing a slot on which the amount you are going to win once you have played out that bonus game whether it is a free spins round or a pick and match or pick to win type round has been predetermined by the slot.

This is also true for a lot of slot games Gamble games, and as such when you opt to try and double or quadruple a winning combinations value via one of these Gamble type games then once you click on the actual Gamble button the slot already knows whether you are going to win or lose!

You Cannot Win When Taking a Casino Bonus

The only people who tend to think that you cannot ever win anything when you have chosen to take a casino bonus offer are those who have never won anything when using one!

You are of course always subject to terms and conditions and play through requirements when you choose to take a casinos bonus offer and as such you are always tied by those rules and it is quite possible for you to end your bonus playing session with a profit, however the terms and play through requirements of all bonuses do tend to be designed to make this less likely than your chances of winning when playing with your own money!


By sticking to playing at well known online casino sites who utilize a casino software and gambling platform from a licensed company then you are never going to have any doubts in regards to whether their games are fair and random.

Try not to take everything you may read online regarding slot games as fact, as anyone can go online and write all kinds of nonsense about slot games and go unchallenged! If you need any additional information or facts and figures surrounding any online slot machine then the help files on the slot games themselves will often put your mind at rest and are packed with valuable factual information about the way slot games work online, so do read though them!



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