Scratch Cards Terms & Definitions

Scratch Cards Terms & Definitions

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June 17, 2020

Scratch Cards Glossary

Scratch cards are some of the easiest casino games on the market to play. A novice would say that one just needs to press ‘Scratch’ and that’s all. But there’s more to scratch card games than a layman may think.

Luckily, many online casinos worldwide offer scratch cards as an option in their portfolios. Also, a growing number of software developers create new scratchcards for players to choose from. Some, like Microgaming, have made their fan-favorite slots into scratches. We could take Immortal Romance scratch as an example.

Before trying any scratch card casino game, check out all the scratch cards terminology.


Download-Based Online Scratch Cards

If you want to enjoy a download-based online scratch card, you need to download an app from the App Store or Google Play. After the installation, the game connects directly to the supplier. You don’t need a web browser to access such a casino game.



The maximum potential prize a scratch card can pay out. The jackpot is the grand prize reserved to a small portion of players only.



The number of rows and columns a specific scratch card is played on.


Max Bet

The most you can bet per scratch/round.

Min Bet

The least you can bet per scratch/round.



The likelihood that you’ll win in a game of scratch cards is called the odds. The odds are usually represented by a percentage. The higher the odds, the more likely you are to win.

Online Scratch Tickets (Web-Based)

For standard online scratch tickets, you just need a solid Wi-Fi connection and a web browser. Type the URL of your desired online casino and start playing. You don’t need to download and install any software in advance.


Paytable (Pay Table)

The paytable contains all the rules of the game – how much it can potentially, optimally pay and what winning ways are accepted as eligible for a win.

Printed Scratch Tickets

Printed scratchies (look below) are the physical copies of scratchcards. These tickets consist of combinations of symbols or numbers hidden underneath the scratch off ink.



Short for “return to player”, RTP represents the probability of the positive outcome for the winner. The developer calculates how much of the total wagered sum will be returned to players. The opposite of RTP is the house edge.



The action of removing the ink from your casino ticket. In online gaming, it’s usually represented like a button with the word on it.


A slang term used by gamblers to refer to a scratch card, either physical or online.

Scratch Panel

Present in both virtual and physical copies, the scratch panel is the area from which you scratch the grey ink off of.



When you wager your money, you’re betting it. Also, the wager is the amount of the money on your balance you place on the card.



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