New Growing Multiplier Bonus Game Feature

New Growing Multiplier Bonus Game Feature

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Updated February 10, 2022

Growing Multiplier Bonus Slot Feature

There really is no better time than right now to get involved with the online casino gaming environment if you are a slot player, for by accessing and playing the slot games at any of our featured and top rated online casinos you are going to be able to access slots offering many more features and bonus games than you could ever find offered in a land based casino!

There are plenty of different base game and bonus features attached to many slot games available online, and through our website you are going to find each of the most recent slot game bonus features listed along with informative guides on how those bonus games features work and operate.

Now we do know a lot of our slot playing website visitors love the thrill and excitement to be had by playing video slots and more so those video slots which can and will award players with sets of free spins whenever they spin in sets of bonus symbols or scatter symbols.

In fact there are so many slots offering players the ability of triggering a free spins bonus round, it can be a difficult task selecting a shortlist of games to play when you next log into your chosen online casino site! However, if you do find yourself playing at a Playtech Casino site you are going to find a new range of slot games on which you can trigger a set of free spins which come with something known as a growing multiplier.

Any slot which does have a growing multiplier in play during the free spins will be something of a highly playable slot, for whenever the free spins are triggered and awarded, thanks in no small part to the way that the multiplier value can and will increase in value, it is possible to spin in and be awarded with some significant amounts of cash as your free spins are playing off.

Which Slots Have Growing Multipliers?

The first slot game from Playtech that is going to give you the chance of winning some huge amounts of cash thanks in no small part to the growing multiplier value that can and will come into play during its free spins bonus feature round is the Secrets of the Amazon.

This multi line slot game can award a huge number of free spins to players and what makes is exciting to play is that your very first free spins played off begins with a standard x2 multiplier attached to it but on every subsequent free spin played off that multiplier grows by one, so your second free spins is play doff with x2 multipliers in play, your third free spins is played with x3 multipliers and so on.

As you can be awarded with 50 free spins that does of course mean that you will have x50 multiplier values in play on the last free spins played off when you have been awarded a full fifty free spins when playing this Egyptian themed slot game online!

Another slot game which has the unique growing multiplier bonus game feature is the Dragon Kingdom  slot, whenever you trigger the free spins bonus game the first free spin you play off begins with a randomly awarded multiplier than can be worth  x2, x3, x4 or x5.

The remaining free spins will then cycle through those multiplier values in order, so for example if the initial free spin was played off with x4 multipliers the next one will come with x5 multipliers and the next x2 and so on.

There is a category of slot games available to play at Playtech software powered online casino sites that come with some huge winning potential and those are their range of Marvel Jackpot slots. These slots offer four randomly awarded progressive jackpots and a plethora of slot game bonus features.

Once slot which comes with the growing multiplier is the Iron Man 2 slot game, now what makes the free spins bonus game unique on this slot is the first free spin you are awarded with will played off with a standard x1 multiplier but on each and every second free spin the multiplier will increase by one point so on your third free spin the multiplier is worth x2.


Please do consider giving any of our Playtech software powered sites a try if you are new to the world of online gaming, for you are going to find they offer now only a fully downloadable gaming platform that resides on your computer, but for ease of use they also have an instant play casino, and many casinos now offer a stand along Mobile Casino gaming platform, allowing you to play their range of games on any type of mobile device.

If you enjoy playing slot games in particular you will have hours of fun playing their hundreds of different slot games which come with lots of different playing structures and playing formats that will suit every players plying style and more importantly their bankroll.

A you are able to give any Playtech slot, including all of those slots listed above which boast free spins bonus feature rounds with growing multipliers any amount of play time at no risk via the free play option, you can give them lots of no risk play time and then make up your own mind whether they are going to be suitable to your real money gaming action.



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