Most Played Multi Hand Blackjack Games

Most Played Multi Hand Blackjack Games

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June 30, 2015

atlanctic-city-blackjack-gold-multi-handYou are always going to be able to access the exact variant of blackjack you wish to play online, for between all of the established casino game suppliers whose suites of games are on offer at every online casino site we have reviewed on this website there are dozens of different games available.

However, the multi hand blackjack games are often a popular choice with players for when you choose to play those variants you are going to be able to play several hands all at the same time. That will of course come in very handy if you only have a limited amount of time to set aside to have an online real money playing blackjack playing session.

If playing more than one hand at a time does appeal to you then please read on for below we are going to introduce you to some of the most played multi hand blackjack games, and we will of course let you know why these games are as popular as they are with players!

Multi Hand Bonus Blackjack

With you having the option of placing a side bet when playing some multi hand Blackjack games by placing those additional wagers you will then have the very real chance of winning a range of bonus payouts, when certain hand combinations are dealt out to you.

There are lots of different blackjack game variants offering players such an optional side bet wager, however one of the most played and most popular variants if the aptly named Bonus Blackjack game which being a multi hand game offers players the chance of playing up to five separate hands all in the same game played off.

The bonus winning payouts are quite generous in regards to the pay offs you will receive when those selected bonus hand combinations are dealt out to you. Get any two cards that have the same suit dealt out to any one of your five hands that you have placed the bonus bet wager on and your bonus bet stake will be paid out at odds of 5 to 2.

However, if you are dealt out a Jack and Ace that are suited then the bonus payout jumps in value to 25 to 1. Get a Jack and Ace dealt out to you as your initial two card hand that are both in the suit of Spades then you will receive the highest valued winning payout which is 50 to 1!

Multi Hand Big Five Blackjack

The multi hand version of Big Five Blackjack is a game which is exclusively found in the gaming suite of casinos utilizing the Microgaming software platforms. What makes this game a popular choice for players is that you are allowed to take and Early Surrender option but not when they dealer is showing an Ace card.

By opting to make use of that Surrender option if you feel one or more of the five hands you can play per game has no chance of winning then you can give that hand up and by doing so you will then get half of your stake money on that hand returned to you.

The game uses a five deck shoe of cards and no matter what the value of your two initial cards are you can double down on that hand if you like. That rule is quite beneficial to players and as such we invite you to check this game out as you are able to play if for free at any of our featured online casino sites offering the Microgaming range of casino games.


It will always be advisable when you are thinking of playing any multi hand Blackjack game online to find out whether there is any difference in regards to the blackjack game house edge that a multi hand game has been designed to play out to when compared to the single hand version of those games.

For sometimes the house edge may actually be lower on some multi hand game variants that when you choose to play the single hand variant, and if that is the case then you should be playing the single hand variants instead of the poorer paying multi hand variant.

This will be the case is you choose to play the Classic Blackjack game for example when logged into a Microgaming powered online casino site. The single hand variant has by far and away the lowest house edge and that is due to that variant having a lower number of decks of cards in the shoe than the multi hand Classic Blackjack game.

With that in mind you are going to have a much increased chance of winning when playing the single hand Classic Blackjack game optimally that you every would have when playing the multi hand variant of that game!



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