Go back to Basics with Lucky 7, Ezugi’s New Live Dealer Game

Go back to Basics with Lucky 7, Ezugi’s New Live Dealer Game

Staff Writer
September 9, 2020

How to play Lucky 7 Ezugi

Today, we have the honor of reviewing another exclusive new game from Ezugi – Lucky 7.

Lucky 7 Ezugi is a fast-paced, 8-deck hi-lo card game with one main and two side bets originating from India.

As we all know, Ezugi is a supreme live dealer supplier, famous for innovative releases with a strong Asian note. Just like many of its older games, Lucky 7 oozes with the Orient and the dealers wear traditional Indian clothes.

In the following article, we tell you how to play Lucky 7, what bets are available, and how to beat Lucky 7.

What Is Lucky 7 Ezugi

Lucky 7 is a live card game based on the Hi-Lo system. It is pretty simple to play; arguably the simplest card game we have ever talked about. You’ll remember the rules in no time and apply them effortlessly.

Regarding the aesthetics and layout, we’re content with what Ezugi delivers. Lucky 7 takes place in the provider’s professional casino studio in Bucharest, Romania. The venue is Ezugi’s Indian Casino, furnished with red and golden details throughout. Gold tassels dangle on the back wall and female dealers wear sari-like dresses.

The overall atmosphere is bright and lively, and, as always, Ezugi’s dealers are charming and friendly, making the game even more fun.

How to win live lucky 7 ezugi

It is all about number 7 – naturally. You bet on whether the upcoming card will be above or below 7. The former scenario is called 7 UP; players refer to the latter as 7 DOWN. And that’s about it. Those are the only things you need to know to start playing Lucky 7.

However, if you want to get to an advanced level, check out the side bets below.

How to Play Lucky 7 by Ezugi

Bet sizes in from $1 up to $1,000, making the live dealer game affordable. The title accommodates both casual players and high-rollers among you. That’s another thing we liked about this release, other than its stunning gaming environment.

Next, the user interface is neat and well-organized – we loved that, as well. Some punters might be intimated by the game as it appears new and different. Ezugi thought about it in advance and smoothened the layout to fit everybody’s needs.

Lucky 7 from Ezugi is an 8-deck card game. Players bet on the next card being above, below, or exactly – seven.

The optimal RTPs in Lucky 7 Ezugi stand like this:

  • The main bet is 92.3%
  • Side bets Red/Black is 95%
  • Odd is 96.92%
  • Even is 92.31%

As soon as the players place their bets, the croupier deals the cards. Depending on the outcome, you receive a corresponding payout. Scroll down for the Lucky 7 paytable, side bets, and payouts.

Lucky 7 Ezugi payouts

Pro tip: We would recommend kicking off with smaller bets of around $1 or $2 until you get the f

eeling. Lucky 7 is indeed easy to play but can be confusing at times. To prevent that, the best Ezugi Lucky 7 strategy is starting with humble bets and building your way up slowly.

Bet Types & Payouts

In Lucky 7, you can play either the main bet only or a side bet alongside with it. Check out the complete paytable below:

Standard Bet Options
7 UP 1:1
7 11:1
7 DOWN 1:1
Red 0.9:1
Black 0.9:1
Odd 0.8:1
Even 1:1


Looking at the chart, you’ll notice that certain bets pay at better odds than others. For example, payouts for 7 Up and 7 Down are the same – 1 at 1. So, you get what you wagered back. The same goes for placing an even bet.

However, payouts differ for wagering on black, red and odd – 0.9:1, 0.9:1, and 0.8:1, respectively.

The best-case scenario is betting on 7 and getting it right. If you correctly bet on 7 in Lucky 7, you’ll win at 11:1 odds.

Where to Play

Not sure how to join Lucky 7? Worry not, here are the best live casinos for playing Ezugi live games.

King Billy

King Billy has a mesmerizing game portfolio of thousands of titles in one place. Ezugi is one of the fan-favorite suppliers in the lobby, making the operator the perfect place to play Lucky 7. Register today for a great welcome bonus and kick off your live gaming journey.



Sports fans will have known about 1xBet. A bookie, online casino, and live casino combined, 1xBet is the number one spot for Ezugi enthusiasts. Click below for the dream live dealer lounge.



Another champion on our list is BetWinner Casino. Among its 750+ games, you’ll find Ezugi’s full suite of live dealer games, including the brand-new card game. Sign up today and let’s get going!



Lucky 7 is perfect for all player profiles – let us tell you why.

First of all, the betting range is wide, allowing ordinary people to play alongside high-stake gamblers. Secondly, the rules are ridiculously simple – you bet on a guess. There is only one outcome – a single place for the dealer to place the card.

The frequent reshuffling of the 8 decks in the shoe makes counting cards almost impossible. In other words, you don’t need to waste time making up strategies.

Nevertheless, our exclusive tip is to begin your session with a low bet of just a couple of dollars and work your way up.



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