How to Review and Analyze Your Slot Playing Action

How to Review and Analyze Your Slot Playing Action

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May 16, 2014

How to Review and Analyze Your Slot Playing Action

It can often be a somewhat humbling experience once a slot player actually sits down and reviews any previously played slot playing sessions online, and if you wish to become one of those players who keeps detailed records of their slot playing action then today’s article will certainly be of interest to you.

The thought of noting down all profits and losses when gambling may not appeal to everyone, however by doing so it can often give players food for thought and could enable those players to start to put into place a more well thought out playing strategy or system based on the outcome of previous sessions.

The aim of any sane slot player is to come out ahead of the game, and with slot machines being random then it is always down to luck whether this is achieved, however by analysing your slot playing sessions you can often find pointers in regards to which slots have proven to be lucky for you, bonuses that are beatable or offer better value than other bonuses, and of course you will always know exactly how good or bad you are doing!

Compiling Slot Play Records

There are only a small number of actual facts and figures that you need to make note off when keeping records of all of your online slot playing sessions, and below is an overview of what you should be looking to track.

The amount of cash deposited into each casino site is one of the most important pieces of information along with any bonus claimed and the outcome of that slot session, plus of course the slot games you played.

Another set of facts and figures that are important for slot players is their actual payout percentages achieved on any single slot playing session, you can work this figure out very easily for all you need to know is the total amount your wagered on any single slot playing session and also know the total amount you won during that session.

Simply divide the total amount paid out to you in winnings during any one slot playing session by the stakes you wagered on that session and that will enlighten you on what you payout percentage for that session was.

For example if you achieved total winnings on one slot playing session of 96.30 and the total amount you played off in stakes and spins was 159.40 dividing 96.30 by 159.40 works out at 0.60, and by removing the zero and the decimal point from that figure you are left with your actual payout percentage which is of course 60%.

One aspect of knowing your actual payout percentage is that if you have been experiencing some very low paying slot sessions then you could ask the casino where you were playing those slots if they are prepared to comp you based on your bad luck, often a casino will be more than happy to give players with low paying sessions a small complimentary bonus to offset their bad luck!

Be aware that if you do have some very profitable sessions playing online slot games which have seen you being paid out a much higher payout percentage than the slot is certified as paying, then do consider playing other slot games on your next sessions, for slots which have been overly generous to you are more than likely to become much tighter in regards to their payout percentages the more you play them, and you will not want to lose back those winnings!

Increasing Your Winning Chances

The art to playing slot games in the online gaming environment is of course for you to play the best paying slots and those with the highest verified payout percentages as those slot games naturally give you the best chances of winning as opposed to the slots with lower than average RTP’s.

Using a Casino Bonus Optionally is also important for the way that many bonus offers are structured and designed means some of them are more playable than others, do checkout our article which covers this topic as it will enlighten you on what to look out for when claiming any slot related casino bonus offer.

The actual way that you fund your casino accounts also needs to be taken into account, for you will not wish to see a percentage of your deposited amount or the amount you have withdrawn as winnings being swallowed up with fees and charges, and as such we would recommend that you take a look out our guide to Cost Effective Casino Banking Options as that will point you in the right direction in regards to which deposit and withdrawal options you should be using.


Keeping full and in-depth records of all of your online, or for that matter you land based gaming sessions can often bring the reality of gambling into a players mind. You may often be surprised at how much you are spending on this pass time and it may help you to put into play a more sensible budget should you find yourself spending too much when playing slots or any casino game.

Should you live somewhere that you are required to declare gambling losses and any winnings as part of your tax return then it is of course very important that you keep detailed records of all of your gambling activities.

Be aware that all online casinos are going to give you access to your gambling history at their respective casino site, this could be via an online set of gaming logs which you can review and/or download at any time, or you may need to request them from the casino who will then compile them and send them over to you.

Also look at gambling as a way of getting some entertainment and fun and never become obsessed with winning, for if you do then you run the very real risk of overspending, when you do have a winning session always be prepared to cash out your winnings or a large proportion of them!



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