How to Get Additional Casino Bonuses

How to Get Additional Casino Bonuses

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May 20, 2014

How to Get Additional Casino Bonuses

We think that today’s article is going to interest a lot of players, for we are taking a look at how you can often acquire lots of additional bonuses when playing at certain online casino sites! So if you are the type of player who looks for and demands the very best value when playing any type of casino games online then do keep on reading!

The one aspect of regularly taking bonuses from many casinos is that over time, you are going to increase the chances of winning a cashable amount of cash, however be aware the play through requirements of most bonuses offered these days are huge, and that fact alone makes picking and choosing which bonuses you should take important!

Customer Support Discretionary Bonuses

It may surprise you to learn that many casino support agents have some discretion over awarding bonuses, and as such this is one way that you can often get hold of some extra playing credits if you have been experiencing a poor run of luck.

Simply get in touch with the casinos support team at the site you are playing at and politely ask if there are any free comps available, explain you love playing their range of games but have been experiencing some bad runs lately. If this is true, and by the way they will check, then you will often find you are awarded with a no deposit bonus, if that site values your custom that is!

Take Advantage of “Quiet Day” Bonus Offers

You will often find that most online casino players tend to pencil in some play time over the weekend, starting any time from Friday night onwards until early evening on a Sunday there are more played online and playing than at any other time of the week.

With this in mind it may pay dividends for you to consider moving your usual weekend casino game playing action over to a week day, for many casinos have started to offer a range of daily bonuses during the working week.

These bonuses are often modest, but never the less generous deposit match type bonuses, so do be on the lookout for them as if you only usually play on a weekend you may be blissfully unaware that these bonuses actually exist!

New Slot Game Free Spins

You can usually set your watch when some online casinos launch and make available their range of new slot games, many Microgaming powered casinos for example launch brand new slot games every month of the year, and this is when another set of casino bonuses are often made available.

As soon as a new slot game is launched the casino sites offering those games will want to promote them, and one way they can always be assured of making those slots known to their players is by offering a free set of spins on those new games.

Try and find out when new games are launched at your favourite online casino days and then log into those sites on those day to see if there are any special sets of no deposit free spins on offer, you can usually find this information in the casino lobby once you have logged into your account, so always be on the lookout for them!

Exclusive Deposit Method Casino Bonuses

If you always use the same method to fund your casino account, it may interest you to learn that some casinos online have special deposit bonuses available to those players who use one type of deposit option to fund their accounts.

There are many Playtech powered sites that offer bonuses of 10 to 15 percent if you switch to using one of their highlighted depositing options, such as Web Wallets or Pre Paid Vouchers. Always have a look through the promotions and/or banking pages of any casino you are considering playing at for that is where you will find details of any bonuses offered to players for deposit using one type of banking option!

Reversing a Withdrawal Bonuses

You can often get quite annoyed when you have made a withdrawal from some casino sites, only to find that it takes days for them to get around to processing your cash out. Be warned though that many sites have started to contact players during the pending period, and offer them a bonus for reversing their withdrawal!

Whilst this is often a great way to get additional bonuses, you do always run the risk of losing what you had intended on withdrawing when you reverse a winning payout! So we would advise you to never take a casino up on such bonuses, for usually not only will you run the risk of losing the entire withdrawal, but the value of the bonuses are quite modest and offer no real value!


Once you have mastered the art of tracking down when and where to take advantage of the biggest and most generous casino bonuses, you are going to find you at the very least get extended gaming sessions.

However, never be under the illusion that you are going to always win when you have a bonus in your account, for those play-through requirements are always going to be attached to those bonuses, and they offer the casino at which you are playing at the chance of winning any deposit you made off you!

If you are unsure about any casino bonus you are thinking of taking at any online casino, and have read through the terms and conditions of that bonus but are still unsure about any aspect of them, make sure you get your questions answered by the customer support team.

It is always best to email them as by doing so you will have written proof should you ever run into any problems having taken a casino bonus! If you would prefer to not be restricted in any way, shape or form when playing at any online casinos, then do not claim any bonuses what so ever, for you are always going to be able to withdraw when you want, and play the games you want to play!



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