How to find the RTP of Casino Games Online

How to find the RTP of Casino Games Online

Staff Writer
February 26, 2016

dolphin-tale-slotThe RTP of any casino game is the return to player payout percentage that those games have been designed to have in place, and the way in which as a real money casino game player you are going to get more of your stakes returned to you as winning payouts is to only play the games which come with the very highest payout percentages.

We often get asked how is it possible to find the payout percentage information on all of the casino game available at any online casino site, as that information has often been a closely guarded secret by many online casinos and the companies who supply the casino game set those casino sites.

However, some recent changes in the laws surrounding the licensing of online casino sites means that casinos are now obliged to list the payout percentage of all of their casino games on their websites and as such that is where you will find just how much each casino game sis going to return to you via their payout percentages.

Also the websites of each casino sites are going to be where you can find information on how the casino bonuses have been designed too, so always checkout that information when visiting any online or mobile casinos website!

Best Casino Games to Play Online

You will need to know just which the very best casino games to play online are if you want to have the best chances of winning, and one thing to keep in mind is that every single online casinos site can use a different range of casino games from one or more different game suppliers.

To help you make sense of just what games are available at any online casino site you should take a look over our Casino Software Guide as by doing so we will be introducing you through that guide all of the many different software platforms and online casino game suppliers.

Once you know what casino games are available at any online casinos site you will then be able to play the games which offer the highest payout percentages or the casino card and table games which boats the very lowest of house edges, as those games by their very design are always going to be the best ones to play and will give you the best long term returns.

Where to Play the Best Paying Casino Games Online

We have put together a full collection of casino reviews which you are more than welcome to read through, and by checking out those casino reviews then you are going to instantly be able to find what unique features and what exclusive types of benefits will become available to you when you sign up to those casino sites.

Every single casino site will be powered by a different type of gaming platforms and as such you should take a note of just what games are offered at each casinos site and what the payout percentages and house edges are on each game offered to you.

It is always going to be games such as blackjack and video poker which are going to be the best paying casino games online, for those games tend to offer the highest payout percentages and the lowest house edges but only when you play those games optimally.

We do have lots of blackjack and video poker game guides and as such learning how to play any of those games optimally is easy, simply check out those playing guides and learn how to play them strategically to improve your winning chances!


We are always on the lookout for a range of brand new online casinos to introduce to you and we always pay careful attention to the casino games being offered at those newly launched casino sites, of which we have reviews of many of them dotted around our website.

Please do spend as much time as you like or need researching those new casinos sites via our reviews for when you do you will soon discover which are their best playing and paying casino games.

Plus, being a new casino site that does of course mean that you will never have played at those casinos before and are therefore going to be able to claim their sign up welcome bonus that will enable you to boost the value of at least your very first initial deposit into those newly opened online casino sites.

Also we do have reviews of all of the very latest new casino games to and we will always let you know the payout percentage sand the house edges that nay newly launched casino games has been designed to return to players, so checkout those new game guides and reviews as soon  you can do!



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