How Many Different Slot Game Wild Symbols are there?

How Many Different Slot Game Wild Symbols are there?

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April 11, 2014

How Many Different Slot Game Wild Symbols are there

Today we are going to take a look at Wild symbols attached to the reels of many online slot games, you may or may not be aware that there are literally dozens of different types of Wild symbols in play on virtually all online slots and below we will highlight and enlighten you on some of the more unique types of Wild symbols that you are going to come across online!

In fact in recent years the Wild symbols have become such an important aspect of a slot games design that many online slot game designers are now building their slots to feature a unique Wild symbols based bonus feature round, so do have a good read through of this article for it will certainly showcase to you many different types of Wild symbols that you will not have come across before, and may just help choosing the next slot you play an easier task!

Classic and Multiplier Wild Symbols

The original Wild symbols found on the older types of slot games only had one purpose and that was of course to stand in for other reels symbols and hopefully help to form a winning combination. As some of the older 3 reel slots got slightly more advanced these Wild symbols spawned into Wild Multiplier symbols and a such whenever one of them spun in to help form a winning combination then the value of that payout would be increased based on what value the multiplier had attached o it.

With the launch of video slot games is was then possible to have a whole lot of extra features attached to Wild symbols, one which quickly became attached to video slot Wild symbols was the Expanding feature, and this would see a Wild symbols expand to cover each and every single reel one of them appeared on, and as such the more of these symbols that appear in view and then expand the higher the winning payouts would be when playing a slot will more than one payline activated and put into play.

Keep on reading to find out some of the most advanced bonus game awarding slot games which now boast all manner of unique ways that their respective Wild symbols work and operate, you really will be amazed at just how advanced these symbols have become!

Bonus Games Featuring Wild Symbols

You will find an increasing number of slot games now boast some form of bonus game that revolves around the Wild symbols, slots such as Microgaming’s Finer Reels of Life game is a perfect example of a slot offering such a bonus game.

These Wild symbol bonus games are triggered at random and when awarded a player is going to sit back and watch as one or more of the reels get turned into an entire reel of Wild symbols once they have set the reels into motion.

What makes these kinds of bonus games appealing and very attractive to players that when Lady Luck strikes and turns the entire set of five reels completely wild then that player is going to receive the maximum payout available on that slot, more so if the slot in one of the All Ways slots which offer hundreds of ways to win, so do look out for these types of slots if you want a chance of a huge winning payout!

Random Wild Symbols

There are several Wild symbols which can be categorized as Random Wild symbols, some of these will be randomly attached to the reels via additional base and bonus game features such as Spreading Wild symbols which are much like branches of a tree and spread around the screen and any reels they touch become Wild.

Other slot games have some form of Floating Wild symbols which can be added at random to the screen one slot which has such a feature is the Jonny Specter slot another slot is the Great Griffin slot which has a Griffin which flies onto the screen dropping Wilds in various positions.

The main attribute that all slots offering some kind of Random Wild symbols share is that you will never be able to tell which reel positions will become Wild in nature until the bonus feature attached to those symbols is awarded and plays out!

There is a brand new Wild symbol which is random in nature and this is the Magnetic Wild symbol, what this symbols does when it drops into position on any reel is to pull in via its magnetic powers other Wild symbols which are not in view on the screen, and as the magnetic force pull in those Wild symbols wherever they finally land will become Wild positions!


The above listing and overview of slot game Wild symbols is in no way exhaustive, and on average there is a least one and often many more than one brand new slot games that appear online each month of the year boasting some kind of Wild symbol or Wild symbol related bonus game that has never been found on a slot game before.

So when you are looking for a new slot game to play always spend a few minutes taking a closer and more in-depth look at the pay table of that slot game for that is where you will find a full description of just how the Wild symbols attached to that slot game both work and operate along with any additional bonus type features they have to offer players!



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