How do Online Video Poker Tournaments Work?

How do Online Video Poker Tournaments Work?

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Updated November 28, 2023

How do Online Video Poker Tournaments Work

Plenty of different casino game tournaments are going to be available no matter at which of our featured casino sites you choose to play at, however when you are playing in a video poker tournament online there are a couple of different ways that they are going to be structured.

The most familiar type of video poker tournament you can take part in will see you paying a small nominal entry fee, or if you are lucky the casino site you are playing at may be offering you a free to enter tournament, and if so you have nothing to lose when taking part in those tournaments!

Once you enter such a tournament then you will initially be awarded with a number of tournament credits and you will additionally have a set amount of time to play off those credits. The aim is for you to get dealt out as many winning hand combinations as you possibly can do for those winning payouts are then turned into tournament points.

It will be those players that once the tournament has ended that have the most tournament points accumulated that will then be awarded with one of the cash or bonus credit prizes attached to that tournament.

Comp Points Based Video Poker Tournaments

The standard type of video poker tournament mentioned above is sadly not the most commonly structured one available online, for most casinos offer a completely different type of tournament. This second type of tournament will be structured in such a way that it is the number of comp points that you earn that will determine whether you are going to win one of the prizes attached to that tournament tor not!

As such you are going to have to make a deposit and play the video poker games in the normal way, and as you amass more and more comp points then your chance of winning an additional cash prize will increase.

Therefore it is always going to be the players that play off the more hands when playing in such a tournament that will win one of the cash prizes on offer, and the players who are playing or higher stake levels do of course have an increased chance of winning a cash prize as they are much more likely to amass a much larger number of comp points that other players.

However, when playing video poker games for any stake level thanks to their high payout percentages, coupled with the fact you can often go on a long winning streak you will be amazed at just how quickly you can accumulate comp points, so do not be put off taking part in such a tournament even if you are only a low stake player!

Tips for Playing Video Poker Games

The only way you should play video poker games either when playing them for real money or in a tournament fashion is with all of the coins attached to that game by way of the staking options in live play.

For many video poker games will offer player the chance of winning an enhanced jackpot payout when they are playing maximum coin hands, and whilst getting a Royal Flush may be very rare, when one does finally get dealt out to you and you are playing maximum coin hands you will be glad you did play maximum coins as you will then receive that enhanced jackpot payout.

One other type worth knowing when you are playing any type of video poker games online is that every single variant has been designed with a different long term expected payout percentage and as such you should be actively seeking out those variants which offer the very highest payout percentages as that will enable you to get over your long term play more of your stakes back as winning payouts!


Have a good look through each of our casino reviews and then checkout the promotions pages on each of those casinos websites for that is where you are always going to find details of any scheduled video poker tournaments that are taking place at those casino sites.

Also be aware that it is not only video poker tournaments that you are going to be able to enter and take part in as many of our featured casino sites also offer a huge number of free and paid to enter daily slot tournaments and also you will find many of them are also offering blackjack tournaments and other casino game tournaments too!

The cash prizes that are up for grabs on any type of casino game tournaments are always going to vary, as will the entry fees into those tournaments, however we are more than confident that you will find more than enough of them are available to you that will suit your budget and playing style!



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