Comparing Online Slots with Land Based Slot Games

Comparing Online Slots with Land Based Slot Games

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January 15, 2014

Online Slots vs. Land-Based

Everyone who has played slot games in a land based casino and have then tried online slots will at one time of another compared the two, and there are indeed a lot of differences you will come across when comparing the many different slot games available in each gaming environment.

In this article we shall take a look at the many differences between land based slot games and those found at online casinos, which should enable you to make some informed decisions on just which types of slot games you ought to be playing, whilst alerting you to some slot games that  you are going to be best off avoiding.

Land-Based Slots vs. Online Slots Head to Head

The one main feature that all land based slots and those slot games available at licensed and regulated online casinos do share and that is the games have all been fully tested independently and all have been certified as being random, this is always a concern when playing online slots for you are after all up against a piece of computer software, and as such you need to be completely happy and confident the game you are playing works and plays exactly as it should be doing!

You are going to find that many land based slot games have made the transition over to the online gaming environment, and these days you are going to find many slot game manufacturers whose slots are found on casino floors and gaming venues all over the world have launched their own back catalogues of land based slots onto the online gaming environment.

These types of slots work play and pay exactly the same way in both gaming environments, so you will not be in for any nasty surprises when playing them online or in your local casino! The payout percentages are the same as are the pay tables and bonus games.

However you are going to come across a lot of very unique difference in regards to online slots, so let us now highlight to you some of these differences to enable you to sit back, read through them, and then make an informed decision as to whether online slot games are worth your time and effort!

More Choice of Online Slots

Even the largest land based casinos cannot offer you as many different types of slot machines as you are going to find in the online gaming environment, so if it is the actual number and types of games you find appealing then you will be far better off playing at an online casino.

Unlike land based casinos who often have rows and rows of identical slot games, when you play online you will find hundreds of different types of slot games on offer at most online casino sites which really will make your slot game playing session much more exciting and entertaining!

Better Comps and Bonus Online

The costs of running an online casino are nowhere near as large as the ongoing costs associated with a land-based venue, and as such you are going to find the comps and bonuses awarded and offered to you at an online casino are much more generous in nature.

Whilst online casinos cannot match the type of comps you will get at physical casinos such as free rooms and free meals, you will find that as the online casinos offer cash and casino credits instead of merchandise or meals then you will probably find the comps they offer more valuable in nature!

More Regularly Won Progressive Jackpots

When progressive slot players see just how often the jackpots are awarded by online progressive slot games it often puts those players off playing land based slots! For due to the sheer volume of players playing these kinds of slots online you find the jackpots grow much quicker at online casinos and are therefore won at much greater frequencies than an online progressive slot game.

Also you are going to find much more types of progressive slots available online and this includes classic progressive slots, video progressive slot games and random progressive jackpot slots, which should keep every slot player busy and entertained!

Higher Paying Online Slots

The best part and probably the most important thing to keep in mind when you are comparing land based slots with online slots is the actual payout percentages of the slot, you are going to find that on average the online slot games will come with the best payout percentages than land based slots.

So for the longest playing sessions, the best chances of actually winning and loads of choices in regards to the type of slot games you will be able to access and play you are advised to track down and play the highest paying online slots, and there are not shortages of them available!

Slot Game Technology

To be perfectly honest the actual design of both land based and online slot games is quite similar, there is a lot of research and development in place in regards to designing slots available in both environments, so you will find great playing and very advanced slots both at your local land based casinos and online casinos.

However, with new slots always being launched online every month you will find more of them becoming available to you, as it is quite expensive for a land based casinos to buy slot machines where as online casinos have them loaded onto their gaming platforms as standard each month and are not charged for having those new games!


The online gaming environment wins every time when you are comparing their slot games and everything that comes with playing them to land based casinos, and as such if you want the maximum number of games at your instant disposal, the best comps and lot of little extras, and a huge range of high paying slots then make the transition over to playing slot machines online! Have a look around our site to see just how diverse the online range of slot games is, you will be amazed!



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