Casino Dice Games Offer a Welcome Distraction

Casino Dice Games Offer a Welcome Distraction

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March 21, 2014

Casino Dice Games Offer a Welcome Distraction

Even though there are thousands of different types of casino games on offer, each giving players a different type of playing structure, many players will return to play the same games over and over again when playing online.

However, a change is as good as a rest as the saying goes, and as such if you fancy having a completely different range of games to play today or in the near future and you have never played casino table games which use a set of dice to determine the outcome on each game played, then you may find today’s article very interesting.

Below you will find three very unique dice games which you will be able to access and play online for free or for real money, and whilst each of these three games all use a set of dice to determine the outcome, each game is played to a completely different playing structure, and offer a plethora of different betting options.

Have a look through this listing for when you do wish to have a change of scenery and play a range of new games online, all of which it has to be said offers low house edges and high payout percentages, then all of the following dice games will be worth playing!

Craps a Player Interactive Game

Craps is an unusual game and one that may take a little getting used to, however the basic structure of the game is in fact a two part game, and players are given the option of placing two sets of wagers in each round of the game.

A player can wager that either one number will roll in twice before a 7 is rolled in or they can bet on whether a 7 will be rolled in before any other number appears twice in any single game. As the game is playing out a varied set of different wagering opportunities all with their own unique set of payouts can be placed.

The beauty of playing Craps is that many of the wagering opportunities are low risk and as such their winning odds will reflect this fact, however plenty of higher valued winning payouts can also be awarded on certain betting options.

Sicbo Offers Plenty of Betting Opportunities

The casino table game of Sic Bo uses a total of three dice, and before they are tossed you will have a plethora of different betting opportunities on which you can place various different staked amounts.

When you play this particular casino dice game you are aiming to predict the outcome of the three dice when tossed, and as such you will be able to place wagers on the value of the three dice, whether the three dice will include a pair of matching numbers or three matching numbers will be rolled in.

You can also place a wager on whether just one of the dice will be one of the six numbers displayed on each dice, so for example if you think that the number 5 will be rolled in then you are free to wager on this happening. Each betting opportunity does of course come with its own payout odds, with the highest payout possible being a 180 to 1 payout that the three dice will all have one particular number showing face upwards after being tossed.

Roller Coaster Dice a Novelty Game from Playtech

A rather unusual dice based game is on offer at Playtech software powered casino sites and this is the Roller Coaster dice game and when playing this game you have to work your way up a cash type ladder by correctly predicting whether the next roll of the dice is going to be higher in value or lower in value than the last roll of the dice.

A correct prediction will see you rising up the cash ladder and when you land on certain positions on that ladder you will be given the option of collecting your winnings or taking a gamble by carrying on predicting a series of other rolls of the dice, however at any time if you guess incorrectly then the game will end.

This Roller Coaster dice game is a multi stake game and as such you can play it for low to high stake levels and you are going to find it listed in the Arcade Games menu in all Playtech powered sites, so do track it down and give it some play time if you are looking for a very different and unique type of casino dice game to play online, you can even play it for free!


As you have just read, there are quite a number of fun to play dice games available to play at most online casino sites, and should you have had a bad run of luck on card games or the slots or video poker games then there is a lot of fun and winning opportunities offered on these games whilst they will also offer a very welcome distraction from the usual casino games you play.

As always should any of the above games have sparked an interest you will be able to give them some play time at our listed casino sites via the free play modes, to enable you to get a feel for how they all work and play and that should allow you to make a more informed decision on whether you will wish to play them for real money, and if so then give them a try you could end up getting to like them, more than you usual games of choice!

As the above games also let you choose just which wagers to place you can have either a high variance high risk type of playing session or a low risk low variance type of gaming session, and that is one of the main benefits of choosing to play dice games as opposed to games offering just one type of playing style!



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