Can I Count Cards at Live Blackjack Tables?

Can I Count Cards at Live Blackjack Tables?

Staff Writer
February 16, 2018

Can I Count Cards at Live Blackjack Tables

One aspect of playing at the more standard of casino sites, those being the software driven ones that utilize a random number generator to determine to outcome of each game that you have never been able to do, is count cards when playing Blackjack games.

The reason why you are unable to count cards successfully at such sites is that the way in which the Blackjack games have been designed is such that the cyber deck of cards is always fully shuffled before any new hand is dealt out and each new game is sent into live play.

However, as more and more casinos are now using live gaming platforms and offering their players a range of real life Blackjack game variants and that does of course mean that when playing at such casino using a live gaming platform you will indeed be able to count cards.

Counting cards does take a lot of skill effort and knowhow, however by doing so at a live casino site you can increase your chances of winning by increasing the stake you are playing for when the remaining cards in the deck are advantageous to players and not the Dealer!

How Do Live Blackjack Games Work?

There is nothing magical or mystical in regards to the way that live Blackjack games work and operate, and with that in mind allow me to give you an insight into how those games to play and pay.

Firstly, when you select a Blackjack table at which to play at when logged into any live casino site the game window will launch onto your computer screen and on that screen will be a live video stream from the gaming venue in which the Blackjack game is being played.

You will not only therefore be able to see the Blackjack table and the Dealer but if you have your volume turned on you will also be able to hear the Dealer too! The way that you place your bets onto those live Blackjack tables is by simply clicking your mouse over the animated betting box displayed on your computer screen.

Each time it is your turn to make your playing and betting decisions the relevant buttons will then be flashed up onto your screen, an you simply need to click on the betting or playing button you want to use and have in play.

Additional Benefits of Playing Live Blackjack Games

There are of course plenty of additional benefits that will be coming your way when you play live Blackjack games, other than just being able to count cards!

Firstly if you are looking for a much more social type of playing experience then that is exactly what you are going to get when playing in a live player playing environment, and you will of course find plenty of low to high staking options too.

However, what you may appreciate is the fact that there are going to be quite a lot of different Blackjack game variants available to you too, so if you do ever get the urge to play some much more exotic types of Blackjack games then you will always find plenty of them on offer.

Comps, bonuses and all of the usual extras that are available to you when playing at a software driven casino site will also be made available to you if and when you do play live Blackjack games, and if you ever fancy playing some different games such as casino card poker games, Baccarat games or eve Roulette games in a live playing format there will also be those types of games available too!


Counting cards does give players a winning edge, but one thing that many first time card counters will make the mistake of doing is getting carried away or becoming impatient when they are counting cards at any casino site or venue.

Keep in mind that sometimes you will not get the cards you had hoped for when you are counting cards playing Blackjack, and there are never going to be any guarantees that you will win when you set about doing so.

It takes a great deal of time and effort and sometimes a lot of money to become an expert card counter, and you do of course need to have a great deal of patience too.

As such not everyone is going to be able to count cards effectively, and it is often the case that by sticking to using the perfect strategy when playing any type of Blackjack games you are going to have a fair and reasonable chance of winning, but I would never put you off trying to learn to count cards, just be aware of the risk associated with doing so is my advice!



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