Master Evolution’s Bac Bo & Find Pro Tips

Master Evolution’s Bac Bo & Find Pro Tips

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December 21, 2021

Master Evolution Bac Bo

It’s been a while since we gave you the exclusive first look at Evolution Bac Bo live game. It’s now time for greater, more useful and applicable facts. The ultimate Bac Bo strategy.

In our Bac Bo review, players can learn all the basic rules, and how Bac Bo came to be. Furthermore, we explain in great detail what the designated Evolution casino studio looks like. We do briefly mention good systems for winning at Bac Bo. But only in this article, Evolution casino players can find how to play and win Bac Bo like a pro.

What’s the Goal in Bac Bo?

Bac Bo dice game

In 2021, Evolution realized that live gaming could use some more innovation. In essence, that is how they came up with Bac Bo Live. Striving to create something the industry had never seen before, they combined two existing games.

Bac Bo, as its name implies, is the mash-up of card game baccarat and dice game sic bo. As such, it features traits from both these games. From sic bo, Bac Bo took the dice. Baccarat borrowed its basic rules to its newborn.

Having read that, you can deduce what the point of Bac Bo is. To win at Bac Bo live, the hand you’re betting on should have a higher sum total.

Briefly put, outscoring the other hand is the goal in Evolution Bac Bo.

As such, Bac Bo is a game of chance, whereupon payers stake on the outcome of the dice. The two main hands, Player and Banker, both have two dice. Each die tumbles in its position and lands to unveil the outcome. Evolution live games are not rigged and neither players nor the dealer can affect the results.

Bac Bo Basic Rules

Here is what you need to know before playing Bac Bo Evolution for real money. First off, always bear in mind that there are elements of both baccarat and sic bo in this casino game. With that mindset, you’ll be continually reminded of the basic Bac Bo rules.

  • There are no cards in Bac Bo. As a dice-based game, Bac Bo Live doesn’t run on the complex baccarat drawing rules.
  • The dice tumble one at a time. Aiming to enhance the anticipation Evolution live casinos let the four dice shake in place but they stop one after another.
  • Bets are placed like any Evo game. Use the intuitive Evolution game user interface to determine your default stake.

For our detailed step-by-step guide for Bac Bo, keep reading this article.

Dice Baccarat Evolution

How to Play

The simplified baccarat variant has fairly simple rules. However, they are not to be neglected; rather, Bac Bo is a beginner-friendly live casino game suitable for high-rollers, too.

Bac Bo has two betting positions – Player and Banker. Each main hand has two automatic shakers hosting a die. When the round begins, the shakers start shaking, generating random outcomes. Only when the last die lands and become static again is the winner pronounced.

Here is how to play Bac Bo by Evolution:

  1. Place your bet from $0.50 to $10,000 per round.
  2. Punters can bet on the Player, Banker, or the Tie (draw).
  3. You can win 88x the stake in one betting round.
  4. Wait for the four dice to stop tumbling.
  5. The Banker's dice stop first, followed by the Player's.

The goal of Bac Bo by Evolution is to try to predict which hand will have a higher two-die total.

Bac Bo Tips & Strategy

Is there any strategy in Bac Bo? There isn’t a simple answer. Granted, Bac Bo is a game of luck, meaning there isn’t an official strategy to play. However, there are Bac Bo tips and tricks that you can apply to optimize the playing conditions.

  • Use baccarat betting systems. Baccarat systems can significantly increase your odds for profit. Recommended Bac Bo strategies include the Martingale, Paroli, Labouchere, and Fibonacci. We explain how to use betting systems in gambling here.
  • Manage your bankroll. Often overlooked, minding one’s casino balance can be detrimental to your progress. To win at Bac Bo Live as often as possible, it’s vital to wisely use your finances. Resist the urge to keep betting on the Tie. We recommend testing the high-paying bet several times to simply see if it’s your lucky day. If you keep encountering losing streaks, go back to the less risky Player and Banker bets.
  • Make use of the stats. Evolution games take pride in the detailed statistics featured in the UI. On the winning bead board, players can follow the hot and cold hands, as well as the percentage of the winners. Additionally, you may save your bet for future use.

The player's menu also displays the Big Road. This is the summary of winning streaks for both hands, showcasing which one is the dominant one for the day. If you’re a believer in the hot and cold betting strategy, the Bac Bo stats table will be of great use to you.

Payouts & Odds

The Asian Evo live game has favorable payouts on each winning hand. Naturally, the Tie bet pays way more than the main bets. Therefore, the max jackpot in Bac Bo is 88 times your stake. If you bet the table limit, the max exposure exceeds thousands of dollars.

Here is the complete paytable for Bac Bo Live:

Bet Game Outcome Payout
Player Win 1:1
Tie 0.9:1
Banker Win 1:1
Tie 0.9:1
Tie 12 or 2 88:1
3 or 11 25:1
4 or 10 10:1
5 or 9 6:1
6, 7, or 8 4:1


The optimal theoretical return to player value in Bac Bo is 98.87%. In other words, the Bac Bo house edge is 1.13%. This low percentage gives Bac Bo Evolution live casinos a pretty low advantage over the player. Therefore, in this sense, Bac Bo is similar to its parent, baccarat, as a low-house edge casino game.

Conclusion – Is Bac Bo Worth It?

That said, the Dice Baccarat Evolution game is worth every penny. Paying out as much as 88x your stake, Bac Bo is a highly engaging casino title with dynamic gameplay. Oozing with Asia and the Orient, Bac Bo Live is slightly reminiscent of Dragon Tiger, minus the cards.

We hope that our first-hand Bac Bo tips have helped you develop your won Bac Bo strategy. All in all, as we’re talking about a game of chance, there isn’t really a wrong tactic. Simply find the right betting system and stick with it. Mind your bankroll while doing so, and please, gamble responsibly.

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