Are there any Benefits of Playing Scratchcard Games?

Are there any Benefits of Playing Scratchcard Games?

Staff Writer
February 18, 2018

Are there any Benefits of Playing Scratchcard Games

Scratchcard games can of course be played online or even on a mobile device, and if you have never actually played such games before in either of those two playing environments, then you may be wondering if there are any benefits of doing so, when compared with simply buying them from a shop or lottery ticket outlet.

Well, there is in fact one major benefit of playing scratchcard games online or on a mobile device and that benefit is that the paybacks are often way higher than those on offer on the more traditional scratchcards you can buy from any shop, and as such you will get more winning payouts over the long term!

You are also going to find that you can choose the stakes you wish to play for when playing scratchcard games online or at a mobile casino site, so you can always configure those games to play in way you can afford to play them for.

In fact, you are also going to find that when playing scratchcard games at an online casino site they will come with additional sound effects and animations as you are playing each card, off so they do offer a tad more entertainment value too.

Bonuses and Comps for Scratchcard Players

As long as you are playing at a casino site that has some form of comp club scheme in place, then when you do set about playing scratchcard games in a real money playing  environment you will be earning comp points as you play.

Those casino sites that offer more points and have lower redemption rates for turning points into credits are always going to be the best casino sites to sign up to and play at as you will earn more comps and bag more playing credits when playing at those sites.

No, in regards to casino bonuses, it is often the case that you are going to be free to use most bonus credits on games such as scratchcard games, but you should always make a point of reading through the terms and all associated bonus pay rules attached to any bonuses you are about to claim.

If you do want to play scratchcard games with your bonus credits, always make sure that you are going to be allowed to do so as some bonuses can only be used on specific casino games.

Other Unique Casino Games

If you do like playing scratchcard games, then there are also plenty of additional and very unique games that most casino sites have on offer to their players that you may also enjoy playing to.

As such, if you ever find yourself playing at a casino site that uses the Playtech gaming platforms then make sure you checkout their fun to play and low stake arcade games, for those games do offer something of an entertaining type of playing experience and one you are bound to enjoy.

If you are playing at a Microgaming powered casino site then you will find no end of scratchcard games however they do have a handful of other games that offer you the chance of winning big including some high paying Keno games.

Should you fancy playing at a casino site that uses Real Time Gaming or even NetEnt software then do always take a good long hard look through their list of available games as those sites will have some games that you are not going to find anywhere else including some unique single player bingo games of example and plenty of other games too all of which come with low staking options and offer high valued jackpot payouts too!


With so many different types of unique and novel casino games available to you these days, you may find yourself faced with a huge number of them on offer to you at any online or mobile casino site you are playing at.

It can be ay too easy simply to start playing the first game you like the look of, and whilst you could get onto a winning streak when doing so, what you need to try and do is to put together a shortlist of the games that are going to give you the best chances of winning.

In regards to scratchcard games, all that you will need to do to ensure you are getting access and playing the better paying games is to look up their respective payout percentages.

All fully licensed and regulated casinos are obliged to list somewhere eon their websites or on their games the RTP’s each game has been designed to return to players over the long term, and as such always spend a little bit of time looking up that information and then set about playing the much higher paying games with the best RTP’s!



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