7 Best Scratch Cards Strategy Tips

7 Best Scratch Cards Strategy Tips

Staff Writer
April 13, 2020

Best Scratch Card Games Tricks

Scratch cards are entirely a game of luck.

As such, they are impossible to predict. All you need is Lady Luck’s wink.

However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you win at scratch cards or at least lose less. In this article, we will give you our honest opinion and advice on how to win at scratch cards.

It’s important to remember that there is no official strategy to win at scratch cards. But we will give you some tips to increase your potential payouts and gamble safely.

1.  Play at Licensed Casinos

Scratch cards online are playable at online gambling venues. We at CasinosOnline.com always recommend our readers to read casino reviews before registration.

Why is that so important? Well, reputable, trustworthy online casinos pay out when you win. On the other hand, rogue casinos keep your winnings.

So, it’s pivotal to choose the right online casino first. Look for regulated and licensed gambling establishments. You can find our top 10 recommendations here.

2.  Look for Mobile-friendly Online Casinos

Once you’re sure the casino you’re looking at is safe and reliable, you should see if it’s mobile-friendly. Such information can also be found on CasinosOnline.

Modern players like to play scratch cards online on the go. So, online gaming firms need to cater to this need. Dependable, contemporary casinos always offer services for Android and Apple users.

Regardless if you have a smartphone, an iPhone or a tablet, you should be able to play out and about. Make sure to have a stable Wi-Fi connection or enough mobile data, log in and scratch away.

3.  Profit from Scratch Cards Bonuses & Promotions

How scratch cards work is easy to grasp. Especially if it’s online cards you’re looking into. Simply place a stake, click the button and wait for the system to scratch for you. You either win or lose.

But what if we told you that losing isn’t always bad? If you take advantage of casino bonus offers for scratch cards, you can never lose. Why? Because it’s the casino’s money anyway.

So, if you opt in for a scratch cards promotion, technically you’ll be playing scratchcards for free. Not only can you win easily, but you also get to practise your skills.

4.  Manage Your Budget

Always be aware of how much you’re spending. Before playing, set a budget and always follow it.

Keep that budget because with scratchcards it is easy to get carried away. At the end of the day, scratch cards is gambling, so it needs to be performed responsibly.

As long as you keep yourself in control over the situation, you will be safe.

5.  Better Safe than Sorry

Another very important tip is to never gamble when you’re depressed or drunk. As one does not drink and drive, they shouldn’t drink and gamble either.

Alcohol affects your cognitive processes or rational thinking. As such, it can twist your decisions in a way you do not intend. So stay on the safe side and do not drink before or during gambling.

6.  Do Not Chase Losses

Convincing yourself that you have to win eventually is a bad strategy. If you’ve ever been to a casino, you’ll know that a losing streak can last very long. To avoid the negative outcome, do not chase losses.

Play your favorite scratchcards, but if you notice that you keep losing – give it a rest. There is no logic in playing to no end if Lady Luck is not by your side on that day. Come back to the casino another day and hope for the best.

This rule applies to all games of luck.

7.  Stick to One Game

Choose the scratch card with the best odds and stick to it. To us, this scratchcards strategy is sensible.

Sure, you might come across a series of losses, but you might win on the other hand.

However, the odds are that eventually there will be a win if you stick to one game only.

Let’s compare this tactic to the one that’s one the opposite side of the spectrum. Imagine spreading your funds across a range of scratch cards instead. It is a shot in the dark. You can end up losing streaks on each of them.

Instead, choose one scratchcard title from a renowned developer and keep playing that one to win.

Top industry scratch cards providers include Microgaming, Playtech and PariPlay.

Bonus Tip: Go High or Go Home

Change the card value at the bottom to the maximum amount (if you can afford it) and scratch.

No one can guarantee a win but if you do win, you’ll end up with a chunky sum in your bankroll.

But do not stick to this strategy often. And definitely do not deploy it in a streak.

Now and then, you might try this scratch cards approach, but as always, hold the reins tightly.



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