American Dad Slots

Licenced slots tend to be hit or miss for us. While they can sometimes be a great experience, at other times, they feel like cashing in by a developer carrying a licence of a popular brand to lure in new players and make a quick buck. American Dad skims the line in between the two, creating a game that can be fun to play and has interesting special features that will drag you in. They do manage to keep the show’s wackiness intact while doing so. But at the same time, some aspects just aren’t up to snuff, keeping it from being a shining beacon to how things could be. Is it worth your time or will the show drag on for too long and lose its funny streak?

How to Play

Commendations where they are due, the slot does capture the feeling of the TV show. The backdrop being a United States flag plays along into the whole thing, and the icons are lifted out of characters from the show, paired with some poker icons. The animations aren’t anything special, but they are very smooth, which helps make the experience all the more enjoyable for us. As for gameplay, it balances out. It probably won’t be winning any medals for innovation, but it does offer a great few bonuses that you can activate while you spin things, and they are tied to characters in the show and certain events that defined them. It certainly isn’t that boring, but unless you watched the show, some of the personality and fun will certainly be lost on you.

Betting Options and Payout

American Dad doesn’t have any progressive jackpots to offer. Instead, the largest single win you can carry home will be 750x your total wager, which is a five-of-a-kind Wild win. At the largest possible bet level, that will turn out to be $150,000, which is great. The game also doesn’t skimp on big wins too much, as while the next one beneath isn’t as exciting, it can still be quite a treat to win. The special features can also provide a decent win if you know how to work them. They are quite useful in diversifying the slot, and Playtech used them to also give callbacks to the source material on which the title is based. Beyond that, the wager gives a decent coverage, with a $0.40 minimum and a $200 maximum bet. This, alongside the satisfying wins, will be something players from all sides will be able to appreciate.

Symbols and Extra Features

American Dad uses three poker symbols, A, K and Q which come in a red, white and blue colour scheme to evoke the American flag. On top of this, you have the characters from the show that not only make an appearance on the playing field, but are also involved in the bonuses themselves thanks to the way the Schmooblydong wheel works. The wheel launches all the special features that the game offers. It can appear on the first, third and fifth reel. If it only appears on the first and third, it awards a re-spin, but if it appears on all three, it gives you free spins. The wheel spins for different things on each reel. The first picks which character bonus will trigger, the second powers up the feature, and the third awards a number of extra turns, from 3 to 25. The first is the Stacking Stan, which, as the name implies, will flood your reels with the one and only American Dad. Naturally, the more of one kind of icon you have, the bigger odds you’ll win. The empowering wheel decides how many Stans will appear stacked. The alien Roger had a bit too much to drink, it seems. Now, he’s vomiting Wilds all over the place. The second wheel decides how many random Wilds are added in each spin. Your next bonus is trying to get the fish symbol and Francine into the same reel. If you do this, Francine will expand and become a Wild. The empowering wheel decides how many fishes appear each spin. Hayley, the daughter, runs around collecting signatures. The more signatures she gets, the bigger multiplier you receive. The second wheel determines how large of a multiplier you start off with. Finally, Wheels and Legman run across the reels, leaving Wilds in their wake. The empowering wheel decides how many Wilds will appear.

Our Verdict

It has its ups and down, but we quite liked it. It was an overall positive experience, and if more licensed titles were like this, we could recommend them a lot more. For us, American Dad proved licensed slots aren’t the worst thing ever and if Playtech keeps up the standard, we’d like to see more.
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$0.01 - $5.00
Max Bet:
30,000 coins