Slotland Casino: $200,00 jackpot is up for grabs – U.S. Players Welcome!

Slotland Casino: $200,00 jackpot is up for grabs – U.S. Players Welcome!

Staff Writer
September 10, 2012

Want to win big? Here's a fact that every player should know: Slotland progressive jackpot is quickly approaching $200,00 and it's not stopping there! It's heading towards its all-time high. It rarely reaches that point since it's being won so frequently, but yes it's reached that much and any day now, regular players are thinking the big jackpot will be won any day now.

One of the regular players commented on the casino's Facebook page, Connie W., said “I think it'll go over $200,000, hope I win it!” The casino's Facebook page has been a place where regular players have exchanged stories and been getting special notice for bonuses and upcoming tournaments.

Another post from Linda B. said, “I predict it'll go just over $200,000 this time. I'm saying $202,000. Let's see!”

Through the years, the average jackpot on Slotland has been around $150,000. Now, it has gotten as high as it is now and that is three times as huge as it had been in the last four years. Henry W. won a whopping $207,241 last November. That was the biggest jackpot ever for Slotland. He had won it through playing Treasure Box, one of the first real money slot games the casino has offered.

Slotland Manager Michael Hilary explains, “Players that have been playing with us for many years know that our jackpot is usually won every six to eight weeks, almost like clockwork. The last big win was in April, though, so lost of players feel it's well overdue for a hit.”

He also said that winning jackpot happens randomly, but he gives a hint that it gets hit not long after it reaches $150,000. “So anyway you look at it we just have a feeling we'll be announcing another jackpot winner very soon!”, he announced.

All no-download slots are all tied to one jackpot and that's exactly how it increases quickly after being reset to $50,000 after each win. To qualify for the jackpot, players need to place maximum bets on most games.

There are currently twenty-six one-of-a-kind slot and video poker games and several of them are also available on mobile. There will also be a new auto-racing themed game expected to launch next month.

Visit Slotland Casino here.

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