Visitor Numbers Increase at Jack Gold Casino Thanks To Recent Advertising Campaign

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Over the course of the year here at Casinos Online we have written lots of news stories about the latest advertising campaigns and sponsorship deals for online casinos and sports betting company’s. Well it appears as though Jacks Gold Casino and Locus Gaming have something to celebrate, because thanks to their recent television advertising campaign real money players increased by 75%.

The first wave of advertising took place during October, advertising that was seen on UK commercial channels like ITV, Channel 5 and BSkyB. The adverts were initially based around the Californian Gold Rush, then they fast forwarded to the modern day explaining how to access the mobile section of Jack Gold Casino, with one lucky winner being able to win a solid gold bar in a prize draw.

The campaign has been a huge success because the company claim that when the adverts were shown real money activity increased by 75%, and visitor numbers to the mobile websites more than doubled whilst the adverts were being shown.

Ed Andrewes is the CEO at Locus Gaming and he is “pleased” with the results of the advertising campaign. In a press release issued yesterday afternoon Mr Andrewes said, “We didn’t take the decision to do above the line advertising lightly as there is considerable expense associated with it. We were also aware of concerns over saturation coverage. But we are pleased with the increased awareness, including a boost in the credibility of the site among new and existing customers and tangible commercial returns. We’re confident we’ve got the right product available on the right platforms for today’s casino customers, but it’s crucially important to reach out rather than expecting them to find us.”

The key now for Locus Gaming and Jack Gold Casino is to see whether they can keep hold of their new customers and increased traffic numbers, because if they don’t their recent advertising campaign will have been a failure, but at present it appears as though it has been money well spent.