Scotland Campaigns to Protect Against Bookmaking Crime

Scotland Campaigns to Protect Against Bookmaking Crime

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January 9, 2012

The life of a bookmaker is much more dangerous than it lets off to be, more hazardous in some places than others and particularly so in the West of Scotland. As recent as the 3rd of January, 2012, several bookmakers have been robbed in multiple areas, an increase on 2011’s robbery statistics in particular locations according to Strathclyde Police.

Whilst it seems that it is becoming more of a problem particularly in Scotland, it is not limited to just this one country. England has had success in lowering crime in London through the Safe Bet Alliance, which saw increased staff, on-site security and less available cash, therefore lowering the incentive for robbery.

Labour MSP John Park has called for an industry-wide summit to tackle this looming issue of crime against bookmakers.
“I fear this worrying rise is a result of ministers taking their eye off the ball.

“These figures are a stark reminder of what betting shop staff are still facing. It is not on and we must make it our mission to root it out.

“But this isn't just about what politicians or the police can do – it is absolutely vital that the betting shop companies do everything they can to protect workers in their respective premises.” He stated.

It was particularly noted by Mr Park that the figures contrasted with London’s figures which showed a 46% drop in betting shop violent offences from 2010 to 2011.

Bookmaker robberies in particular have been touted as a serious problem which has been dealt with in many ways, especially in Scotland. Most efficiently, a campaign launched in 2008 helped to greatly reduce the number of crimes, but was however discontinued. The success of the previous campaign has sparked calls for one to be re-instated for 2012.
Despite the statistics that suggest the rise in robberies in West Scotland by Strathclyde Police, some are arguing against it, claiming that they have been falsified and that there is no increase in crime.

“We haven’t seen any increase. We launched a series of initiatives in 2010 after an overview of our security and it seems that they have had a positive impact because we succeeded in bucking the trend in Scotland.” Stated a company official to the BBC.

As a result in this person to person crime, more and more affiliates are taken advantage of other intermediaries and placing more of their trust in online casinos and sports book services. The lure of the online industry is slowly gaining a grip on the world of gambling and offers a reprise to this increasing act of robbery against bookmakers. Rather than risking the safety of the money invested as well as that of the bookmaker, more and more are looking to online sources under the premise of security.

Whilst this is a seemingly positive solution, there is still some apprehension for the online market due to the ever expanding network of hackers and sophistication in technology and the ability for individuals to scam online.

Significant progress is yet to show its head, but the Scottish Protection Campaign looks set to make an appearance this year in an effort to combat the crime.

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