Real Money Gambling Update on Facebook

Real Money Gambling Update on Facebook

Staff Writer
March 27, 2012

The prospect of reaching millions of Facebook users by online gambling companies has made them excited upon hearing that Facebook is planning to welcome real money gambling. Top gambling companies are preparing for this possibility by getting the necessary permits and whatnot from their respective countries and states.

Facebook announced previously about their interest in real money gambling and since then, gambling companies are kept on their feet. However, planning and implementing are two different entities and each country and state has their own rules. One rule may be legal in one country, but it may be illegal in another. Navigating it could take up a lot of time and it differs from every state and country.

In the UK and Europe, since they have been in the online gambling industry for so long, and therefore they have a more solid footing compared to other countries, laws are not a problem. Online gaming is regulated and established on this part of the world. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t get any problems. It has already been reported that some companies in the UK, like 888 are already negotiating with Facebook. Outside of Nevada, it is more likely that gambling companies located in the UK will spearhead real money gambling in Facebook.

To add to that, UK residents embrace online games such as online bingo and many more and they are already a big fan of some Facebook games. Chances are, this real money gambling venture by Facebook won’t be ignored. Not all of Europe are in favour of this new big step and are actually not completely in favour of online gambling. Countries such as Germany and Spain are still fighting this “new revolution” while France and Denmark are having a slow progress. Despite the popularity of  iGaming in UK and Europe, the reaction of the majority to social gaming is still unknown.

In the United States where there are still fights over the legalization of online gaming in some states, the status of social gaming is still unknown. Even though some states offer online poker, it doesn’t mean that they would be very open to social gaming.

Also, most states are still undergoing a law overhaul to fix their online gaming rules and are therefore, not thinking too much about social gaming. But that’s not to say that they are against it; Last year Caesars Entertainment and International Gaming Technology spent hundreds of millions acquiring smaller tech firms to help get an edge on real money social gaming, and of course there’s Zynga, the makes of Texas Hold’Em Poker, one of the most popular games on Facebook, which of course is in favour of this new social gambling. They also didn’t only show their interest over gambling online as they have mentioned an interest in acquiring a land based casino.

For now, our knowledge in all this social gambling by Facebook is limited, but the potential it offers is great for all online gambling companies wherever they are located.

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