Native American Tribal Casinos Online to be launched this November

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

It appears like a Native American casino could be about to grab a march on the Nevada casino leaders by introducing a brand new online gaming offering. An online gambling technology and services vendor that concentrates on providing Native American tribal casinos online, GEObet Gambling Network is scheduled to release an online casino and poker room in November.

CEO of the GEObet Network, Gerry Gionet said “GEObet is helping Native American tribes to fulfil the natural extension of their rights as sovereign lands to bring their casino gambling businesses into the new millennium,”

“As competition for land based gaming gets fiercer, all land based casino groups, whether they are in California, Nevada or anywhere else in North America, will bring their businesses online. Tribal gaming has the right to protect its interests and compete with state and private casino groups.”

Gionet hopes ‘to unify tribal communities’ by ‘creating a network of tribal casinos online’. The network can ‘share liquidity in communal games like poker, and work together to build up huge shared online slot-jackpots’.

“If tribal nations and tribal casino groups join forces, they will create the largest gaming force in the world,”

“We want to open tribal gaming up to a world-wide audience, and reach far beyond the players within a three hour car ride of tribal lands”.

By introducing online gaming, Gionet also wishes to bring employment and technical education to tribal lands, in addition to creating a high-tech services industry to support the tribal gaming network.

‘This would include developing server facilities on tribal lands and creating jobs in Internet security, computer programming, web design and other services utilized by online gaming companies’ read a statement from GEObet.