Madrid Could Get a New Gambling Law Soon

Madrid Could Get a New Gambling Law Soon

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April 3, 2018
Madrid to get a new gaming law.
Podemos Party proposes a new gaming law in Madrid.

The Podemos Party has proposed a new gambling law for the Community of Madrid which would bring necessary changes to the current piece of legislation.

Under the provisions of the new law, the regional government will be able to “fight gambling addiction, regulate advertising, and move betting houses away from places close to schools and institutes”.

A Much-Needed Change

Deputy Emilio Delgado pointed out the gambling market had changed significantly since 1995, so the existing gambling laws dating from mid 90's were obsolete.

He added that certain changes were needed, with focus on preventing as many as five gambling establishments in a single street or in the vicinity of schools.

Delgado noted that since 2014 the number of sports betting shops had increased by a staggering 140%.

Local news portal Vozpópuli has released information the Podemos Party strongly believed the media and social networks were advertising gaming too much, which could result in the increase of gambling addiction.

The Party insists the gaming advertisement should be regulated by the law more strictly. Due to the lack of player protection measures, gambling addiction is on the rise.

The Capital Awaits the New Proposal

The Party is also worried that Madrid does not have planning regulations for the gambling halls.

The Podemos Party has created a number of projects fighting and preventing the pathological gambling. One of them is the Gaming Council in the Community of Madrid. 

The new law should help the government to decrease the number of problem gamblers, gain more control over the advertisement of gambling and sports betting, and put a stop on gambling marketing during children’s hours. 

New regulations and instructions should prevent slot halls being located near therapy centers for problem gamblers, and near schools.

In addition to all these measures, 1% of gaming tax revenue will be used to help those suffering from problem gambling.

The Podemos Party will first take their proposal to other district boards in the city, in an attempt to broaden the debate to the municipalities of the Community. Hopefully, this would help the Party push the new law forward in the City Council of Madrid.



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