Macau Casino Workers Protesting for More Money

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Macau casino workers are not backing down this time around.

Over 1,000 casino workers in Macau are currently protesting to get better money for the jobs that they do. This is threatening the ring of casinos in the area, since all of their workers are out in front protesting instead of helping to run the casinos. They are not only asking for more pay, but also better working conditions inside the casinos. This is the seventh time this year that they have protested for more out of the casinos that what they have been getting.

Macau houses the world’s largest gambling hub and without the right workers to do the jobs, they are not going to be able to open their doors to clients that want to come in and enjoy them. They are waving banners, whistling and shouting out what they want right in the streets in front of the casinos. The police state that over 1,000 are in the streets doing this, while the casinos are saying that they are missing over 7,000 employees that went out to go on strike.

Why They are Protesting 

The protesters of the casino are stating that they have to pay high rent and most of their salaries go to this. Not only that, but many work six days a week, including extra night shifts all the time. This leaves little time for family and the finer things in life that they would normally be able to enjoy.

The protesting is coming from the additional restrictions that the country is putting on the casinos. They are requiring them to hire more help and lessen the work load for those employees already in the casino. These employees want more money though, since their hours are going to be drastically reduced, meaning that they will not be able to make ends meet with the salary that they will be paid with their new hours.

Police will continue to barricade the protesters and hope that they calm down with time. However, the casinos are trying to find ways to make them happy – without having to spend too much money. By bringing on additional workers, they are going to end up spending even more money. Stay tuned to Casinos Online for additional information regarding this protest.