Lucky Player Celebrates Huge Win By Dancing Around His Living Room!

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Here at Casinos Online we like nothing more than bringing you news of the latest biggest winners from around the world. Today we can bring you news of one lucky winner who won $135,417 at his favourite online casino and celebrated by dancing for joy in his living room.

The lucky winner was playing the progressive slot game Ice Queen at, one of their newer titles, but then decided to switch to one of his favourites and one that he had played many times before which was Heavy Metal. Speaking about his big win Bobby S. said , “This is the first time I’ve ever really won anything big. I’ve had lots of smaller wins, but this is the first time in my life I’ve won anything this significant.”

When asked about how he would spend his winnings Bobby S. said, I’ll splash out on a few gifts for the family and take them on a wild vacation and invest the rest.” Bobby celebrated his win by dancing wildly around his living room to the amusement of both himself and his family.

Michael Hilary is the manager at Slotland Casino and he was extremely happy for his companies latest winner, but wishes he could have seen tie victory dance in person. He said, “I don’t blame him for getting excited. That’s a lot of money. I just wish we could see his victory dance on You Tube or something, sounds pretty funny!”

It does sound really funny seeing a grown man dance uncontrollably around his own living room, but how would you celebrate your big win? Would you dance around your living room like Bobby S, or would you open the nearest window and shout as loud as you could and tell the world you had just hit the jackpot?