GEObet will help Winnemucca acquire a state-issued gambling license

GEObet will help Winnemucca acquire a state-issued gambling license

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February 21, 2013

GEObet Online Network, a Tribal-owned specialist iGaming turnkey solutions supplier has finalized an agreement that will see it help the Winnemucca Indian Colony of Nevada in acquiring a state-issued online gambling license.

GEObet Online Network asserted that a licence for the Nevada group would ‘further cement the ties’ between itself and the Northern Paiute and Western Shoshone team whilst presently interacting with tribal people and interested ones at the three-day iGaming North America Conference 2013 in Las Vegas.

GEObet Online Network’s Gerry Gionet said “This is about economic development for the Shoshoni people and advancement of their e-commerce infrastructure,”

“GEObet Online Network’s goal of bringing together all North American tribes to collectively grow through the power of tribal e-economy starts with GEObet Online Network online and moves to green initiatives, giving back to the environment as a basic fundamental of doing business.”

Gionet and a team of tribal gaming chiefs, casino operators, casino experts and businessmen lately hosted the Oklahoma Tribes and GEObet iGaming Conference in Tulsa in which they encouraged teams from across North America on how to create and run a successful iGaming operation.

Winnemucca Indian Colony’s Chief William Bill said, “The Shoshoni’s are of the land and in 2013 we are leading the tribal movement into developing green initiatives for food and energy and doing so by inventing new processes and finding ways of improving on old technologies,”

“Nevada is built on land the Shoshoni tribes have inhabited for centuries and it is appropriate for the Shoshoni to embrace their inherent right to gaming and work together with other tribal nations to benefit all nations fully from those rights.”

“Gerry Gionet and GEObet Online Network are tribal in blood, in nature and in economy and we see vast opportunities before us through a cohesive effort to expand mutual business interests.”



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