Gambling Sites Advised to Take Advantage of the Asian Baccarat Market

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The biggest table game in Las Vegas called Baccarat has brought around $1.25 billion revenue in Nevada in 2011 according to an Associated Press article. Most people expect card games to rake earnings for casinos, but last year with all the money brought in by the game, this has been proven wrong. It’s a big surprise to most people and some, who are not into gambling hasn’t even heard of this game yet but many expect that this game will have a big impact on affiliates.

An average gamer wouldn’t have played or even seen Baccarat in the casino. The reason behind this is that most Baccarat action especially in places like the Venetian and the Bellagio happen in the main floor of very posh Baccarat salons. These kind of posh rooms is where you would have expected to see big people like James Bond, only if he’s real but you get the idea.

Baccarat is a game that can be described as a sophisticated coin flip. You wouldn’t expect hundred thousand dollars being dropped a hand by primarily Asian whales who are obviously so hooked in the game. These big time players are leading the Asian-Pacific market, a market too huge to ignore.

Las Vegas has earned more than a billion of revenue from the game but in most parts in Asia, the revenue is even bigger. Looking at the worldwide scope, Caesars Entertainment Group made $6.6 billion in revenue after only the first nine months of 2011. The Las Vegas Sands Group with its heavy presence in Macau raked in $6.85 billion.

Gambling has always been a form of a very popular pastime and due to the forces of globalization particularly in the field of manufacturing and tehcnology in the Asian Pacific Rim that has produced countless new breeds of millionaires and billionaires, huge amounts of money have been spent in Macau and Singapore. These whales don’t give a care on how and where they spend their money and the gambling industry is blessed to have been chosen.

However, online gambling hasn’t been showered with all the craze as revenue for online gambling is still low. In land based casinos experienced a huge boom due to Asian prosperity, making its online counterpart lag behind. This is due to the fact that most virtual market spaces in China are being restricted by the government. The Chinese government has been very hostile to foreign gaming companies as a result of protecting their own gaming interests. Macau also isn’t very keen in online gambling, even in their gambling friendly spots.

Affiliates should start thinking of how to attract the big fishes in Asia to get a piece of the Asia-fueled baccarat boom. This can be done by beginning to integrate baccarat content, bonuses and flash games in online games. Some online gambling sites have already started such as Everest Affiliates and bet365 and today’s also the best time to promote them.

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