Chukchansi to Stay Closed – Maybe for Good

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Chukchansi may be closed for longer than expected.

Chukchansi Casino and Resort was shut down earlier this month because of a tribe dispute between the owners of the casino and another tribe nearby. This resulted in the casino being held up at gunpoint and papers being stolen. With this done, the casino and resort had to shut their doors, find out where the papers went and which papers they were, as well as settle the dispute between the two tribes.

Where is This Going?

So now with this out of the way, the officials want to keep the casino and resort closed for quite some time since the matters between the two tribes have not seemed to simmer down. If anything, they have gotten worse throughout the weeks – causing the tribe much headache and the officials do not think it would be wise to open the casino back up to the public with the tension on both tribes rising.

This has come to a shock for some that love the casino and frequent it often. It is also something that the tribe that owns the casino does not want, but will have to do until they can sort everything out. Until then, the officials demand that they keep their doors shut to the public and go about hashing out an agreement with the other tribe – as well as making sure that all of their papers and other official documents are handed in to where they need to go. This can take some time to get through, but the tribe is working their hardest so that they can once again, open their doors and ensure that everyone that visits is going to be safe within the walls.

As for now, we will continue to update you regarding what is going on with Chukchansi Casino and Resort. We will make sure that you know when the doors are going to be opened again and if anything changed with the two tribes and how they are getting along with one another. Keep following Casinos Online to find out even more casino news and top headlines.