Chilean Casino Sector Records a Decline in January

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Chilean gaming sector suffers a slight decline at the start of 2018.

The Chilean Gaming control Board (SJC) has released the report detailing the results of the country’s casino sector in January 2018.

According to available information, eighteen casinos currently operating in Chile, along with the seven municipal casinos recorded gross gaming revenue of d $41.6 million during the first month of this year.

When compared to the same month of 2017, the result represents a slight drop of 0.5%.

Numbers Reveal The Full Story

The Sun Monticello was the leader in terms of income, generating $10.9 million, which accounts for 15.7% of the entire sun. Casino de Viña del Mar closely followed with $10.6 million (15.3%), while the third biggest earner was Casino Rinconada with $5.9 million(8.6%).

Casino visitors spend an average of $93.8 per visit, which is a drop of 0.4% when compared to the corresponding period of 2017, but it represents a real cumulative growth when it comes to expenditure over the period of last 12 months.

470,497 customers visited Chilean casinos during January. That’s 0.7% more on a year-on-year basis or 2% less over the last 12 months.

The number of customers that visited the municipal casinos in January (excluding the one in Puerto Varas, which doesn’t record information on this) reached 340,754. However, this number cannot be compared nor indexed, since SJC offers no standardized measures. There’s also no information on the average spending per visitor.

An Important Anniversary

Of the total GGR recorded in the non-municipal casinos, bingo accounted for 0.1%, dice games 0.4%, roulette 5.6%, card games 10.9%, while slots were by far the most popular, accounting for 83%. Non-municipal casino earned nearly two-thirds of the GGR (63.9), while the rest (36.1%) was taken home by municipal casinos.

The year 2018 marks an important anniversary – 10 years since the opening of the first casino in Chile regulated by the Law 19.995. According to SJC, during the last decade, the country’s gambling industry contributed a total of $620,840,000 to the budget, while that number was far lower back in 2008 – $3,731,680.

Back in 2008, only eight operators were doing business in Chile, while today there are eighteen of them.