Average UK Family Now Spend More Than Ever Before Gambling

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

There has been plenty of articles written of late regarding the regulation of online casinos and sports betting company’s, with some people even wanting casino machines banned from high street betting shops because they are enticing people to spend more money than they can actually afford, but just how much does the average person spend on gambling each week?

Today the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) has reported that the average amount that is actually spent on gambling in the UK has risen compared to previous years, with figures now showing that the average British household spent £3.20 ($5.25) a week during 2012, up 50pence per household on the figures from 2011.

The figures show that in Northern Ireland the average household spent £4.10 a week to win just £1.50, with all regions losing money except one which was the North of England where the average household won £4 each week having spent £3.50. The report also went on to say that the average household gambled more money on average per week than they did on other recreational activities combined, activities like going to a music concert, visiting a theme park or going to the cinema.

The survey is carried out on an annual basis with 5,600 homes taking part, and as you would expect in times of financial difficulty spending was up across the board with housing, motor costs and fuel bills leading the way.