Rapunzels Tower Slots

Gamblers who have been playing Quickspin titles are no doubt feeling a bit confused as to why we’re revisiting one of their oldest releases. In fact, Rapunzel’s Tower has been one of the very first that Quickspin had made, but for a while now, it wasn’t available to play. Now, the developers have remade the title in HTML5, giving it a slight facelift in visuals while retaining the same gameplay everyone is familiar with. And if you haven’t gotten the chance to enjoy it before, Rapunzel’s Tower is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot that works with re-spin Wilds, free spins, and a Tower climbing feature in which players could unlock additional extra turns and a multiplier for all their wins. So make sure your hairstyle is good, your armour is polished and that you are the epitome of a dashing hero – because you only have one chance to catch this golden princess and enjoy a life of love and luxury with her.

How to Play

The slight visual lift-up has done wonders for this game. It didn’t look that bad when it released originally, but now it looks even better, which we always approve of. That said, they could have touched up on some minor stuff that might have helped with immersion just a little bit. Animating the backdrop to allow the clouds to move across the sky, or maybe the occasional strand of wind blowing Rapunzel’s hair. The user interface is the standard one you see in all Quickspin titles, but we do have a very visible absence of a fast spin option anywhere on the playing field. Beyond that, however, everything else is present, so we have no other complaints. The gameplay is preserved as far as we remember it. There are copious amounts of re-spin Wilds that keep things from getting too boring – just as we entered a slight losing streak, they’d form up and offer a good medium sized win to get us back on our feet. Of course, this sort of balance also meant that we never really saw any major wins. Those are reserved for the free spins, and you only have 10 extra turns to start with once that bonus is active.

Betting Options and Payout

You can bet between $0.20 up to $100 per spin. Rapunzel’s Tower is somewhat difficult to pin down. Some parts of it feel high volatility – certainly, getting the free spins and a good win with them can be tough – but then, we shift onto base gameplay, and the frequent appearance of re-spin Wilds seem to always be keeping you afloat with small to medium sized wins that bring you back long enough to keep you going. So, not accounting for free spins, we’d put this as low to medium variance – and only the luckiest few will be able to get a really good score out of this title.

Symbols and Extra Features

The graphics are really well done in this slot, which extends to the symbols. All of the humanoid characters breathe with a certain life and charm to them, even if they are totally static. The presence of gambling icons somewhat ruins that atmosphere, but they were present in the original as well, so leaving them out of the remake would be an odd choice. The special features are also great. Gamblers can score three Scatters to win 10 free spins, and can retrigger them to add 8 more turns to that. On top of that, it triggers a tower climbing mini game in which the Prince ascends the tower, and he only climbs when re-spin Wilds appear on the playing field. At first, it just adds additional free spins, but get to a certain point, and it starts rewarding multipliers, as well. Speaking of re-spin Wilds, they appear when three or more Golden Hairlock Wilds appear at the same time. They lock into place, and keep spinning the playing field until a winning combination occurs. They only appear on the second, third and fourth reel.

Our Verdict

When it’s all said and done, it’s fair to say we loved Rapunzel’s Tower. The gameplay loop is very satisfying, and while we like our slots with a bit higher volatility, it was nice to lean back and relax without having to bite our nails hoping we’d see a big enough win to put us into a plus. This is one remake we were happy to get.
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