Prissy Princess Slots

Hail, brave knight! The kingdom invites you to a tournament where only the best may participate for a chance to take the princess’ hand. Sharpen your spears and polish your shields, as you embark on this 2017 release by Play’n GO called Prissy Princess. Be careful, as you dream of recognition and riches, a mighty dragon has flown in to participate in hopes of winning the young beauty for himself. So prepare yourselves for this 5-reel, 20-payline slot, champions, as you will face against crumbling towers, dragons setting knights aflame, and win the tournament at the end of the day!

How to Play

The defining feature of this game’s style is in the crumbling towers. After each win, the reels that were part of it break and fall aside, allowing new ones to fall and replace them instead. With a bit of luck, this can quickly go out of control to boost your winnings, and is integral to getting a bonus chest and activating the Tournament mode as well. And while this may be foreign to some players, the remainder of the gameplay in this slot is familiar. With 5 reels and 20 paylines, the developer experiments in some aspects, but plays it safe in others. You’ll find Wilds all over the place, as three knights on top of each other will become a dragon Wild, or the dragon itself can fly across the grid and turn a few random symbols into Wilds. Scatters also appear on the playing field, but they stray a little bit from standard format. You do not need to have three Scatters at once to trigger any bonuses. Instead, you need to get all three different colored banners in all the respins you are granted through the crumbling towers feature. This equally gives you a bit more leeway while helping keep the Tournament a rare occurrence. Finally, Play’n GO delivered a fantastic Autoplay option in Prissy Princess. Win and loss limits, as well as settings to allow the game to stop on wins or special features becoming active all help out when you don’t feel like tapping one same button over and over, and it helps immensely.

Betting Options and Payout

From $0.20 up to $100, this slot is easily accessible to both low and high rollers due to the wide range of bets available. Between crumbling towers, a lot of special features being very financially rewarding, and the treasure chest gleaming off in the distance, you can win a lot of cash in a single round. While basic gameplay has some offers, the real prize comes from the Tournament mode. The ability to win 200x your total wager is astoundingly good, but you need to be lucky to pick the right champion to do so. Still, you shouldn’t scoff at regular wins either, as we were able to rack them up quite high from time to time.

Symbols and Extra Features

The icons in this game keep to the theme, helping to immerse the player in their world. Armor, swords, helmets, shields, sigils, and a group of knights all stand next to one another to make the world of Prissy Princess feel more alive. Especially when paired with Princess and Dragon Wilds, and the colorful banners of knights that are used to represent Scatters. If you have three knights on top of each other in the same reel, the dragon will swoop down to burn them all down and occupy that reel, transforming it into a full Wild reel. Should have probably hired more competent help! The dragon can also randomly fly around the reels. When he does so, he lights several symbols on fire, leaving them to burn and making them into Wilds. Especially useful if you do not land a win, these random placed Wilds can often salvage a failed spin, but not always. If you collect all three banners, you gain access to the Tournament bonus game. You fight in a series of challenges, picking between a smaller pool of candidates, and if yours wins, you carry home the prize – half the kingdom, and marriage to the princess herself.

Our Verdict

Simple, but fun. It is a nice way to explain this particular Play’n GO release. It experiments with a few things while keeping the standard on others, giving an enjoyable mixture that everyone can enjoy. While far from perfect, it feels satisfying to play, and we recommend giving it a spin.
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Game Details
Play'n Go
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Coin Range:
$0.01 - $5.00
Max Bet:
20,000 coins